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Fixed Income

The Nasdaq Fixed Income suite covers the top markets around the world whether you’re trading interest rate derivatives, treasuries or bonds.


Nasdaq has an extensive footprint in Fixed Income products globally.

Our market data product offering covers:

  • Nasdaq Fixed Income U.S. Treasury Data
  • Nordic Fixed Income
  • Baltic Fixed Income

Nasdaq Fixed Income U.S. Treasury Data

In the U.S., Nasdaq provides real-time, intraday, end-of-day, historical and indicative data formats for Nasdaq Fixed Income U.S. Treasury data. Nasdaq Fixed Income is one of the leading electronic trading platforms for cash U.S. Treasury securities including:

  • T-Bills
  • T-Notes
  • T-Bonds
  • U.S. Treasury Floating Rate Notes (FRNs)

Nasdaq Fixed Income ITCH >

Allows firms to receive a wide range of premier Nasdaq Fixed Income U.S. Treasury Market Data. The ITCH protocol is more latency-sensitive than other Nasdaq Fixed Income data products and also includes additional fields and full depth for a more comprehensive look at fixed income.

Nordic Fixed Income

Nasdaq Nordic is the central marketplace for fixed income activities in the Nordic region. A wide range of products and services (such as listing, trading, and clearing) are provided for fixed income products in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. Nasdaq Stockholm is the largest bond listing venue in the Nordics. The Nordic Fixed Income product suite covers more than 5,000 listed bonds, and contains real-time, intraday and end-of-day market data from trading in instruments on Nasdaq Nordic cash markets. Nordic Fixed Income Analytics get the facts >

Data includes:

  • Government bonds, mortgage bonds, corporate and premium bonds;
  • Nordic mutual funds;
  • Derived information;
  • Fixings;
  • Indicative bid and ask quotes; and
  • Reference data including daily turnover statistics, company disclosures and listing details

Nordic Fixed Income TotalView >

Real-time trade & market-by-order and pre-trade transparency, reference data, indicative pricing, clearing information and statistics.

Nordic Fixed Income Fixings >

Includes all data content from the two Genium INET markets; ‘STO Fixing’ and ‘CPH Fixing’.

Baltic Fixed Income

Nasdaq Baltic data feeds cover the exchanges in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius. The products provide real-time trading data (including up to the full order book) listed by order directly from the trading engine, 15-minute delayed information, basic analysis data and batch market data from trading in instruments on our Baltic cash- and fixed income markets.

The products are available for both display use and non-display automated processing purposes.

Baltic Equity & Fixed Income TotalView >

Our premier offering, this product provides full order book, Index Values, and GlobeNewswire.


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