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Multi-Asset Class

Our technology delivers accurate, comprehensive data feeds for multiple asset classes to help you gain a complete view of the markets.

Multi-Asset Class Coverage

Nasdaq can help you mix-and-match feeds to ensure your receiving the most accurate, comprehensive data available.

Data Feeds

This product suite includes both real-time and reference data for the Nasdaq Nordic and Baltic exchange systems, across asset classes.

Genium Consolidated Feed (GCF) >

Consolidated real-time and reference data from all Nasdaq Nordic and Baltic exchange systems, across equities, derivatives, fixed income, indexes and commodities.

Auxiliary Market Data (AMD) >

Nordic Derivatives and Commodities AMD feeds provide complementary market data not contained in the regular ITCH feeds, including Reference Data Messages, Reported Trades, Broken Trades and more.

Nordic & Baltic Historical View >

Provides daily historical data files from Nasdaq Nordic and Baltic markets for equities and derivatives. Nasdaq Commodities files are also available. Ideal for back-testing and research needs.

Nasdaq Web API

Available for Nordic Commodities, Equities, Derivatives, Index and US delayed data.

Nordic Market Data Reports

Market data analytics and reference report solutions are designed for clients interested in the Nasdaq Nordic markets. Data is available in easy-to-access formats built on our world-class technology.

End-of-Day Reports >

Official close values delivered seamlessly through HTTPS-fetch containing information from all Nordic and Baltic exchanges.

Nordic Reference Data Files >

Product suite covers equities, derivatives and fixed income. Files include listing details, trading related reference data, issuing information and more.

Nordic Analytics Data >

Provides investors and market participants with insight into the liquidity of individually listed instruments.


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