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Market Data Feeds

Designed for investors of all sizes and at every stage of the trade lifecycle, our real-time market data solutions provide millions of investors in 85 countries with more transparency to help build and protect assets.

Gold Source for Equities Data

Our proprietary data supports multiple use cases that require real-time quotes and trades, last sale data and/or complete depth-of-book for the full range of U.S. exchange-listed equities, as well as real-time and historical data for European and Canadian equities. In fact, Nasdaq Basic has saved the industry $243 million since 2009 on market data fees and is projected to save the industry $253 million by the end of 2018.

Nasdaq Basic >

Leverage Best Bid and Offer and Last Sale for all U.S. exchange-listed equities, irrespective of exchange.


Power web portals with validated, real-time last sale data for all U.S. exchange-listed equities, irrespective of exchange.

Nasdaq TotalView >

Access complete depth-of-book, more liquidity and auctions data for all U.S. exchange-listed equities, irrespective of exchange.

European Equities >

Access real-time and historical data for comprehensive insights into trading activity on multiple European exchanges.

Canadian Equities >

Access Canadian data with equivalent accuracy that you have today, on the same display, and at a lower cost.
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Asset Class Coverage

Equities >

Nasdaq powers trading and investment decisions for the full range of exchange-listed equities in the U.S. and Nordics, and for over 25% of all Canadian equities volume. Our coverage of the Equities markets is unmatched.

Equity Derivatives >

Nasdaq offers extensive coverage of the following Equity Derivatives markets around the globe.

Fixed Income Data >

The Nasdaq Fixed Income suite covers the top markets around the world whether you’re trading interest rate derivatives, treasuries or bonds.

Commodities Data >

Essential Insight into Nasdaq Commodities & Power Markets. Access a global suite of Commodities data via one source.

Index Data >

Nasdaq provides current and historical index data for the diverse suite of Nasdaq Global Indexes, which covers all geographies and multiple asset classes.

Multi-Asset Class Coverage >

At Nasdaq, we see the bigger picture. Our technology delivers accurate, comprehensive data feeds for multiple asset classes to help you gain a complete view of the markets.
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