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For a complete view of the markets, experience Nasdaq TotalView. Beyond Level 1, at 18x the liquidity of Level 2, Nasdaq offers the complete market book with all the information you need to bring your active trading to the next level.

  • Complete Depth-of-Book — Encompasses all displayed orders for Nasdaq, NYSE and regional securities with 3X the liquidity within 0.05% of top-of-book as compared to alternative products, such as Level 2.
  • Largest Single Liquidity Pool in the US — Follow pockets of liquidity over time to understand how orders are distributed throughout the market, allowing power users to identify and pursue new and unique trading opportunities by understanding not just where the market is but where it is going.
  • Follow the Auctions — Access Net Order Imbalance Indicator (NOII) data in real time prior to the official Open and Close, understanding the true Buy and Sell interest with constant updates to the share imbalance, indicative clearing prices and sentiment.

Net Order Imbalance Indicator (NOII)

Market-Tested, Research-Validated by Greenwich Associates

In late 2016, Nasdaq and Greenwich Associates—the acclaimed research firm—launched a study to determine both the importance and complexity around trading the crosses. The study included 30 buy-side traders and included qualitative and quantitative analysis that determined Nasdaq’s auction feed, delineating the crosses is, “closer to the realized price than the NYSE indicated price and less volatile leading up to the open.”


To Subscribe

  • Simply run the function needed (MDM for depth, IMBA for imbalances, BLP for Launchpad) and TotalView will be auto-subscribed.
  • Subscribing will provide automatic access to any TotalView function.


  • From the main launchpad toolbar in the search box type: 'Sample monitors', click on it from the drop down.
  • When the sample monitor box pops up, type in 'NOII' in the search box.
  • Once launched you can click on save a copy and edit it.
  • OR you can go directly to it via {MONITOR SAMPLE 55496 }
  • Note: a user needs to ensure the ticker is "UQ" instead of the "US" exchange code. The only way to batch replace is in Excel and import a list or enter your tickers one by one with UQ. Eg. MSFT UQ Equity. The sample does show the tickers as UQ. TotalView on all platforms will only work for users entitled to {EIS NASD} - UTP Level 1.


TotalView Preferred Partners Program recognizes our clients’ commitment to providing their customers with the best available experience of the Nasdaq market. These firms have excelled at providing TotalView to traders as the premier source of Nasdaq data.


TotalView is available on all exchanges operated by Nasdaq; Nasdaq BX, PSX. If you have questions as to which product is best suited to your business needs, please contact your Nasdaq Account Manager or submit the Market Data Request form below.

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