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Powerful analytics for Nordic Equity and Derivatives

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Nasdaq calculates Analytics Data for Nordic Equity and Derivatives data. For Nordic Equity data, Nasdaq calculates Cost and Order Flow Indicators that provide investors and other market participants with insight into the liquidity of individually listed instruments from all Nasdaq Nordic and Baltic exchanges. Derivatives analytics data contains real-time "Greeks" and other derivative valuation and risk measures that provide pricing information by quantifying different risk components of an option.


  • Delivered daily through HTTPS-fetch or Genium Consolidated Feed
  • For Nordic Equity data, there are six data sets that measure liquidity on an order book level:
    • Order coverage
    • Implicit spread costs
    • Depth in the order books
    • Competition in the order books
    • Price quotation indicators
    • Round trip measuring of the liquidity


  • Show the spread and depth during a given period.
  • Analyze competition pressure and gauge how the competition has been distributed across the buy- and sell-side of a given quoted order book.
  • Calculate expected trade execution time for trades.
  • Determine order sizing and trade distribution by measuring market impact of additional volume.

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