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Nasdaq Basic Canada

Accurate, cost-effective alternative for Canadian equities data

Access Canadian data with equivalent accuracy — at a lower cost.

After saving global market participants US$243 million dollars with Nasdaq Basic US, Nasdaq Basic Canada extends the cost saving value proposition to the Canadian marketplace. Access Canadian market data from Nasdaq Canada on your current display, at significant cost savings.

Nasdaq Canada became an exchange on March 1, 2018, operating Nasdaq CXC, Nasdaq CX2 and Nasdaq CXD as its three trading books:

  • CXC is a key lit pool of liquidity in Canada that provides users a reliable trading platform and book for Canadian equities; 
  • CX2 offers further cost savings and trade efficiencies that leverage Nasdaq INET technology through a unique pricing model and broker preference functionality; and 
  • CXD is an alternative dark pool of non-displayed liquidity that was launched due to client demand, and which delivers advantages like trade-at-a-touch and competitive pricing, along with easy-to-use controls.

Nasdaq Basic Canada is a new technical delivery option for Level 1 market data from all three Trading Books offered by Nasdaq Canada exchange in a single market data feed.

Resources and Specifications

Key documents, resources and feed information for trading on CXC and CX2.

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