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Nasdaq Boardvantage and Directors Desk board portals lead the market in delivering paperless process for board and leadership team communication and corporate engagement. 

Our platforms are used by public, private and non-profit organizations worldwide, including over half of the Fortune 500. Streamline meeting processes, accelerate decision-making and strengthen governance within your enterprise with Nasdaq Boardvantage and Directors Desk, purpose-built to meet the critical needs of today’s leaders – functionality, powerful security features, ease-of-use and mobility.

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Nasdaq Boardvantage®

A paperless boardroom for effective corporate engagement

Nasdaq Boardvantage is the next generation board portal and leadership team collaboration software now a part of Nasdaq Corporate Solutions' governance suite. Built on the latest technology and designed with enhanced security features, this market leading board portal can easily scale to meet the dynamic meeting, collaboration and governance needs of corporate and company secretaries, general counsel, board members, and senior management leadership teams and committees.

Directors Desk®

Directors Desk is Nasdaq Corporate Solutions original online board portal, providing public, private, and non-profit boards and leadership teams with a foundation for achieving better governance, greater security, and tools for enhanced meeting management.

Governance Resources

Educational resources for today’s board members and corporate secretaries.

Boardroom Beat Blog >

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions highlights board directors, corporate secretaries and general counsel on strategies for success in corporate governance.

All About Board Portals >

Traditionally, board communications have been paper based, but today's boards are going paperless. Board portals give directors greater visibility, streamline board book creation, and tighten information security.


How can corporate Boards of Directors, in the dynamic business environment of 2017, drive their corporate vision with success? Find out in this new report.

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