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Nasdaq Hong Kong POP

Access the full U.S. Equity marketplace via a local data center in Asia, powered by the largest liquidity pool in the U.S.

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Nasdaq now makes market data for the full range of U.S. equities as well as data for Nasdaq indexes available from datacenters in Hong Kong for firms that have local operations in Asia. The Nasdaq Point of Presence in Hong Kong (HK POP) is designed for firms who want to power market data, trading applications and financial media portals throughout Asia with real-time U.S. equity and index/ETF data—all from a local environment that is competitively priced, resilient, and secure. 

The Nasdaq HK POP makes available the completeness and accuracy of Nasdaq Basic and web distribution friendly data from Nasdaq Last Sale to make it simpler and easier to power your customer solutions. It also makes available Nasdaq Global Index Services (GIDS), which disseminates real-time values for Nasdaq indexes as well as listed ETFs throughout the trading day. 

Join the millions of investors on the world’s preeminent financial media portals by providing customers with best in class U.S. equity and index data feeds from a truly local environment.


  • Nasdaq Basic:
    Level 1 
  • Nasdaq Last Sale Plus: Enhanced Level 1 Web offering 
  • Nasdaq GIDS: Nasdaq index data


  • HK1 Equinix
  • Mega-i
  • HKeX 1
  • HKT SkyExchange TKOIAC


  • Access Nasdaq data from a local environment 
  • Single partner covers full range of U.S. equities, irrespective of exchange 
  • Resilient


The Nasdaq HK POP affords a Distributor the flexibility to support multiple use cases that require real-time quotes and trades, last sale data or complete level 1 coverage for the full range of U.S. exchange-listed equities. The POP delivers paths that are particularly effective in low latency applications and market data delivery.


The Nasdaq HK POP is available in four Hong Kong data centers: HK1 Equinix, Mega-i, HKeX and HKT SkyExchange TKOIAC. One single connection to a Nasdaq HK POP provides you with access to U.S. data feeds from Nasdaq. 

Access to Nasdaq services requires establishing a connection from your data center to at least one Nasdaq HK POP, or a cross-connect to Nasdaq if you are co-located within any of the above data centers. 

Redundancy can be achieved with two diverse connections within each POP data center or by establishing connections to diverse POP data centers. 

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