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Directors Desk Board Portal

Directors Desk Board Portal for Boards & Leadership Teams - Electronic Board Books Evolved

Access the most relevant materials and collaborate from anywhere in the world from your desktop or tablet with our industry-leading board portal software.

Features for Board of Directors & Leadership Teams

Directors Desk provides a variety of collaboration tools to streamline the range of board communications, enabling timely, accurate and in-depth information for your board. This leading board software solution uses a well-considered, advanced workflow methodology based on today's director. The online application takes a proactive approach to keeping directors informed, and is designed for near-24/7 access to key resources.

Online/Offline Access from Anywhere

Prepare for your meetings anywhere, anytime across multiple boards. Access your meeting materials through our portal for any of your boards – public, private or non-profit – from your desktop or tablet, and work how you want to – on the train, in a taxi or at your desk. With 360 degree annotations, any comments you make will be synced and can be viewed from whenever, and wherever you login. If you don’t have an internet connection, simply work offline on downloaded materials and your work will sync when you next connect.

Efficient & Streamlined

When content or communications requires your attention – surveys, votes, secure emails or discussions – these are highlighted in the highly intuitive dashboard and with just one click, you can access the content and get straight to work. During meetings, stay on the same page as your fellow directors or executive team with our unique Presenter Mode feature.

Maintain Confidentiality Of Communications

Keeping in touch with directors, the corporate secretary (link) and executive teams between meetings and sharing documents with each other is quite simple and secure through SecureMail. With Directors Desk, emails can be sent directly within the platform rather than across the public internet, mitigating the risk of interception.

Find & Access Documents Quickly

The most recently added and unread documents appear front and center in the dashboard. If you need to find other content, simply use the Global Search feature and search across the Directors Desk platform for results from documents, meetings, events, contacts, surveys and discussions.

Limit Discoverability

Mitigating the risks of discoverability is critical for boards. Our extensive and flexible retention settings are robust, enabling you to control the duration that content is kept in the system. Within Directors Desk, your administrators simply define rules to make sure the board stays on the right side of regulatory requirements and in-line with your internal data retention policies.

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Today's boards are going paperless. Board portals give directors greater visibility, streamline board book creation, and tighten information security.

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