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Directors Desk partners with industry leaders to provide timely, relevant content.
Nasdaq® Corporate Solutions understands that intelligence is key to making strategic organizational decisions. To help our clients stay informed, we align with industry leading partners to provide pertinent and timely market and sector content in Directors Desk.

Relevant Strategic Content

Customize your Directors Desk site with the knowledge channels that are relevant to your organization, saving time for you and your directors while driving effectiveness.


Engage with NACD from directly within the Directors Desk platform and take advantage of a dynamic suite of board development services and director education resources. NACD's proprietary governance resources are delivered through Directors Desk including governance news, regulatory updates, leading practices and more. 

Performance requirements and expectations of boards and directors are at an all-time high. Our partnership reinforces the importance of all directors in being professionally committed to continuous education. Corporate Solutions is dedicated to educating companies and ensuring they follow the highest standards of corporate governance compliance, conduct and leadership.

Strategic Partner

The European Confederation of Directors' Associations (ecoDa) - Corporate Solutions has partnered with ecoDa as a Corporate Associate to provide insight and guidance to Europe’s 55,000 board members from large and small companies - both listed and unlisted. ecoDa is a not-for-profit organization that acts as a high-level forum for debate and for the exchange of experiences to promote high standards for directors. It is a standing body where national experiences, practices and views are shared and discussed in detail. Corporate Solutions will participate at ecoDa events throughout the year.

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Today's boards are going paperless. Board portals give directors greater visibility, streamline board book creation, and tighten information security.
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