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Today, advisory firms and advisors alike face an important decision whether to manage client investments in-house or outsource parts of the portfolio management process to a third party. Selecting a reputable and trustworthy partner to entrust your clients' assets is a must once the decision to outsource has been made.
Since 2005, our portfolio management team has managed Dorsey Wright Systematic Relative Strength strategies that are available today as separately managed accounts (SMAs). All SMAs are managed using a disciplined approach that seeks to capitalize on long-term trends. Our investment universe and model constraints differ from strategy to strategy, resulting in different risk and return profiles.


Watch: What is Tactical Tilt? Nasdaq’s Tactical Tilt is a real investment solution for real investment concerns. This disciplined process can construct investment guidelines that makes sense for you, objectively evaluate global markets each month, for signs of distress and opportunity, and then invest as much in those trends, wherever they may be.
Interview by RIAChannel Why technical analysis for your SMAs?
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New Research

New Research: Man Vs. Machine

Dissecting the value of a quantitative investing model 


We believe an investor should have a systematic investment strategy in place to capitalize on the opportunities in the financial markets. Relative strength is a technical analysis indicator / investment factor upon which each of our portfolios is built on to offer such an approach to investing.

We rely on relative strength to manage portfolios because of its adaptive nature and its long-term track record. Relative strength is simple in concept, yet powerful in application. Relative strength is simply the comparison of price performance within a universe of securities.

SMA / UMA Availability

Adhesion Wealth
BB&T Scott & StringfellowUMAP and UMAP Select
Charles Schwab InstitutionalMarketplace Platform
Fidelity Institutional
Kovack Securities 
LockwoodManaged Account Command
Morgan StanleyIMS Platform

Raymond JamesOutside Manager Platform
RBC Wealth ManagementMAP Platform
Saxo Bank
Saxo Select
TD Ameritrade Institutional 
Town Square Capital 
Trust Company of AmericaMoney Manager
UBS Financial ServicesMAC Platform
VoyaWealth Solutions
Wells Fargo AdvisorsGlobal Macro Masters/DMA Platforms

Different Portfolios for Different Objectives

Aggressive: Mid and Large Cap U.S. equity strategy seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation.
International: All-Cap International equity strategy invests in international companies that are located in developed and emerging markets, achieved through American Depository Receipts.
Core: Mid and Large Cap U.S. equity strategy tends to have lower turnover and higher tax efficiency than our Aggressive strategy.
Balanced: Includes equities from our Core strategy and high-quality U.S. fixed income in approximately a 60% equity / 40% fixed income mix.
Growth: Mid and Large Cap U.S. equity strategy includes an equity exposure overlay that, when activated, allows the account to hold up to 50% cash if necessary.
Tactical Fixed Income: Strategy invests across multiple sectors of the fixed income market, with exposure to each sector achieved through ETFs.
Global Macro: Global tactical asset allocation strategy invests across multiple asset classes through ETFs.
Core ESG: U.S. equity strategy that seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in securities that have positive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) characteristics. The ESG scores are provided by CRD Analytics, a recognized leader in ESG screening.

Meet our Portfolio Managers

Meet the Team

John Lewis, CMT

Senior Portfolio Manager 

John Lewis is a Senior Portfolio manager with Nasdaq Dorsey Wright. 

Meet the Team

Andy Hyer, CFP®, CIMA®, CMT

Client Portfolio Manager 

Andy Hyer is a member of the portfolio management team at Nasdaq Dorsey Wright. 

Meet the Team

Charlie Coleman

Associate Portfolio Manager 

Charles Coleman joined Nasdaq Dorsey Wright in November 2016. 

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