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Nasdaq is dedicated to designing powerful, relevant index and benchmark families that are in sync with the continually changing market environment.

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Nasdaq calculates more than 40,000 diverse indexes, providing coverage across asset classes, countries and sectors. Our rules-based, objective methodology teamed with our award-winning technology set us apart from other index providers. We pride ourselves on high-touch customer service and work with investors worldwide to create indexes that best fit their investment objectives. Whether you are an institution, fund manager, advisor or private investor, Nasdaq indexes are benchmarks that can help influence and track your investment strategies.

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Smart Beta Indexes, which include genres such as "alternative," "advanced beta," or "strategy indexes," are quickly growing strategies in passive investing. These indexes are designed to provide focused exposure to specific market segments or investment strategies.
Beyond licensing our own indexes, Nasdaq provides independent custom index services and design solution to bring your benchmark ideas to fruition.

By combining index expertise, trusted and proven analytics, strong partnerships and comprehensive ETP listing services, Nasdaq provides a full-service offering that is unparalled in the industry.

We spend considerable time speaking with members of the buy side community about trends, needs and wants in the benchmark space. Our goal is to garner specifics on what is working well and where enhancements can be made within the index data business.
Representing the 100+ largest securities on Nasdaq, the Nasdaq-100 recently hit record highs. Find out what drives this world-class, large-cap growth index.
Nasdaq has a long history of designing innovative equity indexes that track the most pivotal segments of the global economy. Equity indexes provide a platform for companies to gain broad exposure, while empowering investors by opening doors to ownership in particular companies.
The Nasdaq Commodities Index portfolio is designed to provide exposure to global commodity prices through the use of underlying futures contracts and equities.
Nasdaq offers innovative fixed income indexes that meet the growing and changing needs of the investment community.
Nasdaq Global Information Services provides current and historical index data for the diverse suite of Nasdaq Global Indexes, which covers all geographies and multiple asset classes.
Nasdaq Global Indexes offers a wide range of in-depth research on our indexes.
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