CHICAGO – June 19, 2019—KKM Financial (“KKM”), provider of quantitative ETF model portfolios, has on-boarded four risk-based ETF model portfolio strategies on Envestnet’s Fund Strategist Network platform. KKM’s Fund Strategist Portfolio (“FSPs”) offering on the Envestnet platform adds to the existing line-up of ETF model portfolios, which include strategies developed by Nasdaq Dorsey Wright that KKM currently offers on the SMA platform of Envestnet. For those advisors seeking practice management efficiencies, or for those looking to outsource asset allocation and manager research, monitor underlying investments and rebalance multiple accounts, FSPs can provide an effective solution. That is why they have quickly become an integral component of many financial advisory practices.

KKM’s turn-key ETF model portfolios were created by the KKM Investment Committee utilizing distinct ETF model portfolio sleeves. In creating the model portfolio solutions, the KKM Investment Committee followed a risk-based objective process, which included incorporating open-architecture (multiple ETF issuers) and research-based proprietary strategies. ETF model portfolio solutions can help advisers simplify and scale their practices, provide cost-effective portfolios to clients, and potentially strengthen the overall investment process of their firms. KKM’s four risk-based model portfolios seek to assist advisers in obtaining internal objectives alongside with their clients’ goals in focus. Utilizing components of Nasdaq Dorsey Wright’s Relative Strength models, these investible risk-based ETF model portfolios available are: KKM Conservative, KKM Moderate, KKM Growth, and KKM Aggressive Growth. KKM’s risk-based ETF model portfolios that incorporate strategies developed by Nasdaq Dorsey Wright are designed to assist advisers in matching clients risk tolerance to their long-term suitability.

"We are pleased to further deepen our relationship with Envestnet by offering their network advisors these risk-based ETF model portfolio solutions, which include Nasdaq Dorsey Wright strategies” said Jeff Kilburg, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of KKM Financial. “By combining a risk-based approach to portfolio construction with a systematic and technical undercurrent, we are leveraging the investment expertise of both KKM and Nasdaq Dorsey Wright to present network advisors a distinct turn-key ETF model portfolio solution."

Additional ETF model portfolio solutions offered by KKM on Envestnet that include Nasdaq Dorsey Wright strategies are: Sector Rotation Model, Tactical Rotation Model, International Rotation Model, and the Fixed Income Model. By incorporating Relative Strength methodology, these ETF model portfolios are empowered to identify major themes in the market, have exposure to those funds controlled by demand, and eliminate exposure to those funds controlled by supply. The Models are designed to hone in on the strongest ETFs from their respective inventory lists and attempt to capture the strongest trends while avoiding the weakest ones. These ETF model portfolios provide a diversity of investments that are generally advantageous to trend-based strategies.

Relative Strength Methodology: The most adaptive tool we have found to identify the strongest trends from the weakest within an investable universe is Point & Figure Relative Strength. The Relative Strength calculation is designed to target long-term themes of outperformance, while also remaining responsive enough to allow for rotation when market trends necessitate. In short, Relative Strength attempts to minimize exposure to underperforming positions, while letting profitable positions run. Most importantly, this systematic and rules-based approach eliminates the subjective or “emotional” trades, as the calculation is derived from price data alone.

What is a FSP?

Fund Strategist Portfolios (“FSPs”) can provide advisors access to investment strategists who construct distinct portfolio solutions to help meet the ever increasing demands of today’s investors. They typically comprise a set of mutual funds and/or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). FSP solutions espouse various approaches to portfolio construction and asset allocation: Whereas most FSP portfolios employ a long-term, strategic asset allocation approach, others take a dynamic or tactical approach and actively shift allocations in order to take advantage of short-term market movements. (source: Envestnet) For more information, please visit http://www.KKMmodels.com or email info@KKMfinancial.com.

About KKM Financial

KKM is a boutique investment solutions firm that creates research-based financial products. KKM works with wealth advisors, financial institutions, and family offices globally to assist in portfolio management and provide risk mitigation solutions. KKM offers distinct products utilizing dynamic stock selection, ETF model portfolio strategies, and option overlay programs on various platforms. KKM’s proprietary investment solutions seek to assist wealth advisors in their portfolio construction process or even serve as a complete outsourced portfolio solution while wealth advisors choose to focus more time on their clients. Partnering with Nasdaq Dorsey Wright in 2018, KKM’s suite of ETF model portfolios are powered by Nasdaq Dorsey Wright and are investible on numerous TAMPs (Turnkey Asset Management Platforms). The firm was founded by prominently recognized and respected CNBC Contributor Jeff Kilburg and is headquartered in Chicago, KKM has served as a portfolio consultant to InCapital and Nuveen Investments. Further information on KKM is available at KKMfinancial.com.


Please consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the ETF model portfolios carefully before investing. To obtain additional information, please request more information from your financial advisor or visit http://www.KKMmodels.com. For additional information about KKM Financial or any of our strategies please contact us as at (312) 448-7230, info@KKMfinancial.com

KKM Financial and Envestnet are separate and unaffiliated firms, and are not responsible for each other’s services or policies. This release should not be construed as a recommendation or endorsement of any particular product, service, or firm.

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