Nasdaq Dividend AchieversTM

These indexes represent companies that are committed to enhancing shareholder value through the return of capital to shareholders. 

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The Nasdaq Dividend Achievers™ are an objective composite of companies with a history of increasing dividend payouts. This select group of companies is committed to enhancing shareholder value through the return of capital to shareholders.

The indexes can be licensed for investable products, including mutual funds, ETFs, UITs, structured products, separately managed accounts and others.

To qualify as a Dividend Achiever, a company must have increased its dividend payout each year for the last 10 or more consecutive years and meet certain liquidity requirements.

The Nasdaq Dividend Achievers are a part of the Nasdaq Dividend and Income Index Family.

Why Dividends Matter

  • Companies that pay regular dividends tend to be in better financial health and produce sustained earnings and revenue growth.
  • Dividends help identify well-managed companies; every dividend declaration represents a promise by management and a vote of confidence by the board of directors in the company's leadership.
  • Companies that consistently raise their dividend payouts also raise the bar on their own performance expectations.
  • Shares of dividend-paying companies possess built-in value that makes them generally more resilient in down markets, with solid appreciation potential during earnings-driven market upturns — with less price volatility.

Dividend Achievers History

The Dividend Achievers™ history traces back to 1979, when Moody's Investor Service developed a proprietary model to identify best-of-breed dividend-paying companies. In 1998, Mergent, Inc acquired Moody's Investor Service and rebranded under the Mergent name. Nasdaq acquired the brand in late 2012 and added rules-based methodologies to make the indexes more transparent for investors.

Dividend Achievers Indexes

  • Nasdaq Dividend Achievers Select™ (DVG)
  • Nasdaq Intl Dividend Achiever Select (DVGI)
  • Nasdaq U.S. Broad Dividend Achievers (DAA)
  • Nasdaq Dividend Achievers 50 (DAY)
  • Nasdaq International Dividend Achievers (DAT)
  • Nasdaq Broad Canadian Dividend Achievers (DACA)
  • Nasdaq U.S. Buyback Achievers (DRB)
  • Nasdaq International BuyBack Achievers (DRBXUS)
  • Nasdaq Select Canadian Dividend Achievers (NQCADIV)
  • Nasdaq Select Canadian Preferred Share (NQCAPFD)
  • Nasdaq UK Dividend Achievers (UKDA)

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