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Nasdaq ISE index family

ISE ETF Ventures, now part of Nasdaq Global Indexes, is dedicated to creating and supporting innovative indexes that track growing industries, emerging technologies and markets and packaged trading strategies.

The new Nasdaq ISE index family consists of 69 Indexes and includes a diverse range of asset classes and instrument types including global equities, fixed income and currencies. See the full List of ISE Indexes here > 

There are approximately 20 exchange-traded products with $2.6 Billion assets under management tracking Nasdaq ISE indexes today. These ETNs provide investors unique exposure to specific themes and industries that are currently trending. 

Highlighted indexes include:

Index CodeIndex NameGIW link
HURISE Cyber Security UCITS
HXRISE Cyber Security
CPQISE Cloud Computing
FUMISE-Revere Natural Gas
YLDAISE High Income
ZIRISE Junio Silver Minders Index

In 2016, Nasdaq acquired the International Securities Exchange (ISE), an operator of three electronic options exchanges, from Deutsche Börse Group. The acquisition will improve efficiencies for clients, expand the company’s technology offerings and create more opportunities to innovate within the equity options industry. 

As part of the transaction, ISE ETF Ventures is now part of the Nasdaq Global Indexes business. With more than 40,000 indexes that cross all major asset classes and geographies, Nasdaq Global Indexes is a complete suite for buy-side and sell-side alike. Nasdaq’s robust index business works with product sponsors worldwide to provide investors with tradeable investment strategies on a myriad of investment theses.

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