Fixed Income Indexes

We provide global coverage of the Fixed Income space through three distinct families.

Nasdaq offers innovative fixed income indexes that meet the growing and changing needs of the investment community.

The Nasdaq Nordic Fixed Income Indexes Family is comprised of 37 indexes designed to provide exposure to the Swedish debt market. The OMRX Index family includes 28 indexes with durations ranging from one day to over eight years that aim to show the performance for a certain type of a passively managed portfolio of liquid Swedish debt securities. The Nasdaq Credit SEK family is uniquely designed to provide exposure to a portfolio of corporate and municipality investment-grade bonds denominated in Swedish Krona (SEK).

The Nasdaq LadderRite® USD Corporate Bond Indexes were created in response to current economic conditions. With rates poised to increase, coupled with the continued need for fixed income exposure, a bond ladder provides the optimal method of maintaining exposure to fixed income assets while controlling for duration.

The Nasdaq BulletShares Index family represents the performance of an investment in a diversified, held-to-maturity portfolio of fixed income securities with a common year of maturity. Accretive Asset Management developed the pioneering fixed-maturity corporate bond indexes in 2009 and partnered with Nasdaq to co-brand and grow the offering. The methodology allocates bonds from the universe of eligible securities into BulletShares indexes based on maturity, or in some cases anticipated effective maturity date, and meets demand from financial advisors regarding the shortcomings of traditional bond mutual funds and ETFs. 

What are Target-Maturity Bond Funds? 

  • Have a maturity date, just like an individual bond 
  • Deliver a bond-like performance experience 
  • Provide diversified exposure to the bond market 
  • Are an easier way to access the bond market


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