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Global Equities

Nasdaq Global Index

Covers international securities segmented by geography, sector, and size.

Developed Markets

  • Nasdaq Developed Markets Index (NQDM)
NQDM index, all developed regional and country sub-indexes, by size and sector.

Emerging Markets

  • Nasdaq Emerging Markets Index (NQEM)
NQEM index, all emerging regional and country sub-indexes, by size and sector.

Nasdaq ISE

Consists of over 60 indexes and includes a diverse range of asset classes and instrument types, focusing on specific trending themes including global equities, fixed income and currencies

Europe Region

Developed and Emerging Europe indexes

AMEA Region

Developed and Emerging Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa indexes

Americas Region*

  • Nasdaq US 500 Large Cap Index (NQUS500LC)
  • NASDAQ US Benchmark Index (NQUSB)
  • NASDAQ US All Market Index (NQUSA)
  • NASDAQ Lat America Index (NQLA)
North America and Latin America, including NQUSA family

*The Americas Region now includes the NOMX US All Market Index Family

U.S. Classic

  • Nasdaq-100 (NDX)
  • Nasdaq Composite (COMP)
  • Settle - PHLX Housing Sector (PHLX)
Nasdaq U.S.  flagship indexes

Nordic/Baltic Bundled

Includes entire OMX Nordic and Baltic Indexes

Nasdaq VINX Classic

Nasdaq VINX Classic

Green Economy

  • Nasdaq OMX Green Economy (QGREEN)
Nasdaq Green Economy Family (QGREEN, GRNWATER, etc.) 

Dividend and Income

  • Nasdaq US Dividend Achievers Select Index (DVG)
Dividend and Income Index Family covers a variety of income-generating indexes, including our newly-acquired Nasdaq Dividend Achievers.


Nasdaq Commodity Family (NQCI)

Fixed Income

Nordic Fixed Income (OMRX and Nasdaq Credit SEK series)
**This entitlement is available as an add-on to Nordic/Baltic Classic (bundled) or as a stand alone to Fixed Income Licensee
  • Nasdaq BulletShares
Nasdaq BulletShares


Nasdaq AlphaDEX®

  • Nasdaq AlphaDEX Global Index (NQDXGM
  • Nasdaq AlphaDEX EM Index (NQDXEM)  
  • Nasdaq AlphaDEX Asia Pac Ex-Japan Index (NQDXASPAXJP)
Use a proprietary, rules-based methodology designed to produce similar correlation and risk characteristics as broad market indexes while seeking outperformance.

KBW Nasdaq 

  • KBW Nasdaq Bank Index (BKX)  
  • KBW Nasdaq Regional Banking Index (KRX)  
  • KBW Nasdaq Capital Markets Index (KSX
  • KBW Nasdaq Insurance Index (KIX)  
  • KBW Nasdaq Financial Sector Dividend Yield Index (KDK)  
  • KBW Nasdaq Financial Technology Index (KFTX)
Offers investors the purest targeted exposure to each individual financial sector. The targeted sectors include banking, asset management, broker/dealer, insurance, equity REITs and mortgage finance

U.S. Style

  • Nasdaq US500 Large Cap Growth Index (NQUS500LCG
  • Nasdaq US 500 Large Cap Value Index (NQUS500LCV)  
  • Nasdaq US Large Cap Growth Index (NQUSLG)  
  • Nasdaq US Large Cap Value Index (NQUSLV)  
  • Nasdaq US Large Cap Value Index (NQUSMG)
Float market cap weighted indexes that are a combination of size, style and return type. The Large, Mid and Small Cap size segments are scored using value and growth metrics, which are aggregated into a composite score; top 50% with the strongest value-oriented composite score is assigned to the value index and the remaining securities are assigned to the growth index .

Dorsey Wright

  • Dorsey Wright Technical Leaders Index (DWTL
  • Dorsey Wright Focus Five Index (DWANQFF
  • Dorsey Wright International Focus Five Total Return (DWANQIFF
  • DWA International Developed Markets Technical Leaders Index (DWADM
  • DWA International Emerging Markets Technical Leaders Index (DWAEM
  • DWA Technical Leaders Small Cap Index (DWATLSC)

Each index selects the highest relative strength companies from within their respective investment universe
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