Nasdaq Contributor API - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Nasdaq Contributor API? 

A: The Nasdaq Contributor API is an API platform that connects your data to the Nasdaq Global Index Dissemination Service (GIDS). GIDS supports real-time and end-of-day index and ETF dissemination. The Nasdaq Contributor API service allows a client to register their financial product (Index or ETF) via an online GUI and begin sending real-time values to Nasdaq to disseminate 23.5 hours, 6 days a week to over 700 firms globally. 

Q: How can this service benefit my business? 

A: The Nasdaq Contributor API is an efficient and cost effective way to help get your data in front of more than 700 firms globally including television media, financial web portals, all major market data vendors, sell-side banks, buy-side firms, retail online brokers and more. Nasdaq also can support the setup and permissioning of daily Index files and weighing baskets via FTP. Clients looking to build their brand and give more exposure to their indexes, methodology and performance with a goal of developing it into a tradeable product, will gain a competitive advantage using the Nasdaq Contributor API service. Nasdaq also offers research and development, index collaboration and ETP product listings. 

Q: How do I connect?

A: The Nasdaq Contributor API allows clients to connect with Nasdaq via an API or direct peer-to-peer connection. Firms will be able to send real-time and end-of-day information directly to Nasdaq, which will in turn distribute it through one or several of its market-leading dissemination channels. 

Q: What types of data can be disseminated? 

A: Index Data - Intraday Index Level (Price Total Return, Gross Return and Net Return) Settlement Values Currency Spot values for select instruments, Daily security components data Start-of-Day and End-of-Day summary data by asset class ETF Data - Intraday Portfolio Values (IPVs) Daily valuation information, such as NAV per Share, Estimated Cash per Share, Estimated Cash per Creation Unit, Total Cash per Creation Unit and Total Shares Outstanding of the fund ETF. 

Q: What about disaster recovery? 

A: The Genium INET infrastructure provides an architectural hub that collects data from many disparate inbound data sources organized into messages, which are sequenced by an engine then forwarded to applications. Within this infrastructure, we have built a standard set of Fault-Tolerance (FT) and Disaster Recovery (DR) components which will be used to ensure our solution is always available. 

Q: How much does it cost? 

A: The Nasdaq Contributor API is a new service and Nasdaq currently offers great savings on the distribution of data. Contact your individual account representative for complete details and pricing.

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