Q: How do I access Nasdaq index weightings data?

There are several ways you can receive index weighting data:

  1. Nasdaq Global Index Watch – Nasdaq’s Standard Delivery Service (GIW)

    This is a direct offering of proprietary index weightings data. GIW provides full access to Nasdaq global index offerings via an easy-to-use web interface for individual subscribers and through a web service for firms that wish to download the raw data.

    Global Index Watch (GIW) Standard and Global Index FlexFile Delivery (GIFFD) Premium - New Subscription Form

  2. Global Index FlexFile Delivery (GIFFD) – Nasdaq’s Premium Delivery Service

    For those clients who prefer a delivery option that allows for a range of different file types, Nasdaq Global Indexes offers GIFFD. This service enables customers to identify components within indexes, determine the importance of the security relative to the overall index and easily track portfolio investments based on Nasdaq indexes.

    Global Index Watch (GIW) Standard and Global Index FlexFile Delivery (GIFFD) Premium - New Subscription Form

  3. Redistributors

    In addition to the direct availability, Nasdaq works closely with redistributors that provide this data content via their APIs and controlled terminals so that clients can continue to have a wide variety of delivery options. Nasdaq index data is currently available from the following Elite Data Vendors*, who offer the full-suite of Nasdaq index weights and components data:

    • FactSet
    • Infront
    • Delta One Solutions
    • RIMES
    • Markit
    • Index Universe
    • BondEdge Solutions
    • StatPro
    • Quandl


    And the following redistributors, who offer a portion of Nasdaq index weights and components:

    • Axioma
    • Bloomberg
    • SunGard Reference Data
    • MSCI
    • Thomson Reuters
    • Wilshire Associates Inc.


    If you do not see your provider in this list or have questions about how to access this information, please contact Nasdaq Data Sales.

GIW Forms

Q: What forms do I need to fill out for GIW?

If you are a new client, please fill out this form. A customer service representative will contact you within 48 business hours.

Trial Data

Q: How do I trial the delivery options?

Clients are welcome to trial our data delivery services. Simply contact Data Sales and a representative will get back you within 48 business hours.

Delivery Options

Q: Can I access Nasdaq index weightings data through multiple delivery services? Is there an additional price?

Access to Nasdaq index weightings data is a firm-level entitlement and allows firms to receive this data across all services offered by vendors for internal use at no additional charge. Affiliated firms are able to share this entitlement with other affiliated business units within their corporate organization provided that prior notice is given to Nasdaq. For specific guidelines, please email Data Sales or call +1 212 231 5880.

If a firm wishes to access the data directly from Nasdaq, we also offer a direct proprietary service to index weightings data via GIW and Nordic/Baltic Index Weightings data. To learn more about how to subscribe directly to Nasdaq index data products, email or call + 1 212 231 5880.

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