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Nasdaq has been developing market-leading indexes since 1971. Within the last several years, we have grown our offering to more than 40,000 indexes worldwide, covering every asset class and all geographies.

We spend considerable time speaking with members of the buy side community about trends, needs and wants in the benchmark space. Our goal… to garner specifics on what is working well and where enhancements can be made within the index data business. What we heard was that there is considerable room for improvement in two main areas: customer service and benchmark fee structures. 

With that feedback, we leveraged our global leadership position and our award-winning INET technology-driven index calculator to create a suite of benchmark families, comprised of more than 40,000 indexes. Coupled with our hands-on customer service and a new, simplified fee structure, Nasdaq Global Indexes is poised to provide a competitive alternative to typical incumbent providers. 


Benchmark Analysis

When it comes time to look at your current benchmark selection, look to Nasdaq. Our index strategies are designed to not only meet the demands of today's marketplace, but those of today's budgets.

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Three Key Index Families to Consider:

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The Nasdaq Global Index family provides the broadest exposure for more than 98% of investable large-, mid- and small-cap securities. The family is further broken down across segments, regions, countries, sectors, and capitalization size. Our free float-adjusted, market cap-weighted methodology utilizes ICB classifications—resulting in indexes calculated as Price Return, Total Return, and Net Total Return in up to seven currencies.
Designed to measure the performance of single commodities as well as sectors through the use of futures contracts on physical commodities. The primary benchmark, NQCI, offers a broader and more diversified representation of the commodity futures market compared to many other commodity indexes.
Includes the Nasdaq Dividend Achievers™, the leading brand of indexes tracking companies with strong long-term dividend growth as well as indexes benchmarking companies that increase shareholder value in other ways.
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