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Nasdaq Global Indexes strives to provide a wide range of resources to help investors, research analysts, product sponsors and financial institutions make the most informed decisions. Browse our library below.

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Nasdaq Global Indexes offers a wide range of in-depth research on our indexes. Index Analysis Reports contain detailed historical index data, while the Research Reports and White Papers provide understanding that goes beyond the data, sparking useful and provocative discussion about the indexes. View recent video and audio clips for updates on current Nasdaq and industry initiatives.

Our partners at First Trust provided insight into how advisors judge various smart beta investment strategies.
Learn about Korea’s economic development and what prompted their change from Emerging to Developed Market.
The Spaulding Group has teamed with three major custodian backs to create “Guidelines for Transparency in Benchmark Costs”. Find our more.

The Nasdaq-100 (NDX) recently hit a record high. emptyFind out what drives this 30-year-old index to continually outperform competitors

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