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    Dorsey Wright, Dividend Achievers, AlphaDEX, Smart Sectors

    These index families are the blueprint for Nasdaq’s Smart Beta suite. With a foundation this solid, it’s clear why product sponsors & investors are drawn to us.

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    White Paper: Ups and Downs of Sector Rotation

    How the discipline of sector rotation strategies can yield quite significant over-performance over time


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    Who Is Dorsey, Wright & Associates?

    Dorsey, Wright & Associates (DWA), a Nasdaq company, has been a leading provider of technical research to financial professionals for over 25 years. Learn what makes their unique approach so appealing to advisors and other financial professionals.

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Nasdaq Dorsey Wright. Dividend Achievers. AlphaDEX. And now: Smart Sectors.
Together in one very Smart Beta family.

When we designed the blueprint for Nasdaq’s Smart Beta indexes, our specifications were strict. We needed powerful research, intellect and constructs. A set of methodologies that would meet a wide range of investment goals. And an easy, customized way for clients to bring new ideas to the market. By uniting three of our most acclaimed brands, we achieved all this and more. Today, we’re one of the world’s largest Smart Beta index providers, with more than $40 billion in exchange-traded fund (ETF) AUM. It’s clear why so many product sponsors and investors are drawn to us for engineering performance and risk management criteria.
Nasdaq Dorsey Wright

Dorsey, Wright & Associates, acquired by Nasdaq in 2015, has been an advisor to financial professionals worldwide for over 25 years. Using Point & Figure Charting, Relative Strength Analysis, and numerous other tools, we can help advisors analyze market data and deliver actionable insights to investors.

Discover why Nasdaq Dorsey Wright is trusted worldwide >

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Victory Indexes

. Nasdaq Victory Indexes

The Nasdaq Victory Index family offers rules-based solutions that seek to outperform traditional market cap weighted indexing strategies, and help advance investor outcomes.

Explore the Nasdaq Victory Index Suite >

Dividend Achievers
These indexes produce similar correlation and risk characteristics as broad market indexes while seeking out performance by using a proprietary, rules-based methodology using various stock selections and weighting criteria based on growth and value factors.

Read about the methodology behind AlphaDEX®>

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Smart Sectors

. Nasdaq Smart Sectors

The Smart Sector Index family is designed to provide economic sector exposure to most the liquid securities in each sector using a smart beta approach.

Explore the Smart Sector Index family>

All Smart Beta Indexes

. All Smart Beta Indexes

Nasdaq is one of the largest providers of Smart Beta indexes (by AUM). Take a look at our diverse suite below.
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Indexes Blog
See what the industry’s leading minds are saying about Smart Beta. Access our white papers, articles, webinars and more.

Access Smart Beta content>


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