AlphaDex Indexes

Designed to objectively identify stocks that exhibit growth factorswih the greatest potential for capital appreciation. 

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The Nasdaq AlphaDEX® Indexes use a proprietary, rules-based methodology designed to produce similar correlation and risk characteristics as broad market indexes while seeking outperformance.  By utilizing various stock selections and weighting criteria based on growth and value factors, the Indexes offer unique smart beta characteristics for investors.

The Nasdaq AlphaDEX family currently consists of Eurozone, U.S. Total Market, Emerging Market Small Cap and Developed Market Ex-U.S. Small Cap Indexes.

Since launched by First Trust Portfolios in 2007, the AlphaDEX methodology and the products that track it have gathered continuous investor interest due to its strategic approach to enhanced passive index investing.

Nasdaq is excited to be part of this innovative approach to Smart Beta investing and will continue to grow our commitment and resources to these innovative approaches.

Begin with the constituents of a broad-based index and rank all stocks on growth and value factors to determine a growth and value score
Based on style designations, determine each stock's selection score. Stocks designated as core or blend receive the better of their growth or value score.
Rank all stocks by their final selection score and eliminate from consideration the lowest 25 %.
Place the remaining stocks into quintiles based on their selection score rank. The top quintile stocks get a total weight of 5/15ths, the second quintile stocks get a total weight of 1/15ths, etc. Each stock is equally weighted within its quintile.
Repeat the process quarterly, rebalancing and reconstituting the index.
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