Nasdaq Victory Indexes

The Nasdaq Victory Index family offers rules-based solutions that seek to outperform traditional market cap weighted indexing strategies, and help advance investor outcomes.

Nasdaq Victory Indexes are factor-based solutions that seek to bridge the gap between active and passive. As the indexes behind VictoryShares, a platform of well-known exchange-traded funds (ETFs) from Victory Capital, the rules-based suite includes more than a dozen volatility-weighted solutions that combine fundamental criteria with volatility weighting. 

The suite offers transparent, rules-based solutions: 

Nasdaq Victory Volatility Weighted Indexes (formerly CEMP Indexes) - Combine fundamental criteria with volatility weighting to seek to improve an investor’s ability to outperform traditional market cap weighted indexing strategies, and spread the risk more evenly across the index. 

Smart Beta - Nasdaq Victory Indexes

Nasdaq Victory Multi-Factor Minimum Volatility Suite – Employs a next-generation approach to low-volatility investing by first narrowing the universe of investable companies using multiple factors and then optimizing the portfolio to minimize expected volatility. 

Nasdaq Victory Dividend Accelerator Index - Offers exposure to a diversified portfolio of securities which are forecasted to grow dividends. The Index selects 75 securities from the Nasdaq US Large Mid Cap Index based on factors such as dividend growth, liquidity and other financial metrics.

Highlighted Indexes:

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