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Investor Relations Solutions

Designed for companies of all sizes and at every stage of the corporate lifecycle, our full suite delivers comprehensive content with innovative technology tools in an integrated IR workflow.

Nasdaq IR Solutions offers a suite of IR content, analytics and advisory services to help investor relations professionals:

  • Gain insight into market developments and institutional
    investor activities
  • Understand investor opportunities and risks
  • Define and prioritize outreach
  • Measure the impact of your IR program

Our team of consultants is prepared to help you address the challenges you face every day by providing you with the real-time content, analytics, and benchmarking tools of our Nasdaq IR Insight platform, and the expert insights and data generated by our Advisory Services team.

Management Preparedness & Education

Use our tools to answer management’s questions about the sentiment and performance of your and your peers’ stock, index ownership, and more.

C-Suite Participation

With our award-winning CMS and surveillance tools, you can ensure your management team is engaged and informed ahead of investor meetings, conferences and of your overall IR program.

Time Management

Whether on the road or in the office, Nasdaq IR Solutions can help you optimize your IR workflow.    

IRO Validation via Measurement

Quantify the performance of your IR program versus your peers by market cap, sector or region.

Capital Efficiency (M&A, Dividend, Buyback)

With a Nasdaq capital deployment study, you can better understand how your capital structure and strategy compares to your peers and the broader market.

Activist Prevention & Management

Gain insight into the fundamental metrics that make your company vulnerable to shareholder activism.

Multiple Expansion

We can help you identify the most effective price-to-earnings ratio strategies so you can present recommendations to your management team.


Leverage our analysis and studies to better understand your beneficial ownership and domesticity.

“Nasdaq IR Insight® provides us a lot of good information on what's going on in the market, not just on a daily basis, but also from a longer-term trend perspective. The white papers on key topics of importance are very informative. I'm a also member of NIRI and there is a ton of great information that they put out. They foster many opportunities for IR leaders to get together to discuss what's going on in their businesses, to share best practices, and provide valuable input on what's going on in the broader investor landscape.”

- Selim Freiha, Vice President of Investor Relations, eBay Inc.

“Nasdaq’s Consumer Advisory emails are a great way to stay on top of the overall market on a daily and intra-daily basis. From shareholder analysis and trading and investor activity to insights into how best to manage your investor relations outreach efforts, it definitely helps me stay up to speed in today’s dynamic marketplace.”

- Stacey Caravella, Head of Investor Relations, Dunkin' Brands

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Highlighting the Investor Relations Officers who perform beyond the traditional role of the IRO.

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Utilizing ESG will be the index investor’s new instrument to evaluate and challenge a corporate’s long-term strategy to create value for its’ shareholders. Learn more in our new paper.


Webinar - The Index / Activist Convergence - June 28, 2018

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Nasdaq IR Solutions is highlighting the Investor Relations Officers who have performed beyond the traditional role of the IRO.

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