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Investor Relations Intelligence

Shareholder Activism Practice

As activist strategies continue to attract capital and display impressive performance, the need to better understand and monitor potential activists in your stock has never been greater. Our activism practice is designed to help you identify vulnerabilities and prepare for potential activist campaigns. Leverage our Strategic Capital Intelligence team to help you:

  • Utilize our proprietary models to identify the degree of vulnerability that exists within a fundamental profile
  • Understand the tendencies of nearly 200 investors
  • Identify the components of your economic profile that could make your company susceptible to shareholder activism
  • Understand and monitor individual activist investors that are likely to engage in your stock
  • Gain insight into shareholder movements with our Special Situation Advisory Program (SSAP)
  • Leverage Activist360™, available in Nasdaq IR Insight® to preemptively understand your company’s vulnerability to activism

Real-time Analytics – We apply big data analytics to dynamic dashboards that deliver premium Advisory Services targeting intelligence based on real-time ownership data.

Proprietary Ownership Models – Our targeting specialists incorporate our proprietary models in their analysis.

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