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Evidence-based behavioral targeting is an efficient way to pinpoint and understand the tendencies of investors at the people level. Identifying the correct person is key to any targeting strategy when seeking new pools of capital in today’s market. However, Investor Relations professionals need the tools and support to understand the tendencies of individual investors, not just at the institutional level, which takes into account MiFID II, ESG and index investing.

Combining the power of Nasdaq IR Insight® + Insight360™ + passiveIQ™ + Activist360™ with the consultative services of our experienced team of Advisory market analysts, Strategic Capital Intelligence (SCI) goes beyond traditional investor targeting strategies to understand behaviors and focus on economic profiles.

Providing more than just a list of targets, clients receive actionable intelligence that is:

  • Strategic – Prioritizing people and markets based upon key criteria
  • Tactical – Consistent fluidity in the plan based on the evolving market landscape
  • Measurable – Quantifying the “Efficiency of Frequency”

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