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Perception Studies


Is the value of your company truly reflected in your stock price? Are your stakeholders and your management team misaligned? Understanding how your company is perceived by key stakeholders and the investment community can help you make changes to improve market perception and an underperforming multiple.

Our Global Perception Studies team has experience across different market capitalizations and sectors to deliver actionable insights and recommendations to help you enhance your company’s investment profile. Whether you’re in the process of a spin-off or preparing for an analyst day, our Perception Studies team can help you:

  • Measure the effectiveness of your shareholder engagement and communications
  • Enhance your company's investment profile with insights and recommendations
  • Gauge how your management is perceived in the marketplace
  • Insights into how the investment community weighs your company as an opportunity vs. your peers


  • Executive Turnover
  • Capital Allocation
  • Valuation Disconnect
  • Strategy Overhaul
  • Macro/Regulatory Change
  • IR Program Audit/Goal-Setting
  • IPO Anniversary
  • Analyst Day
  • M&A, Spin-Off
  • Credibility Gap
  • ESG
“We are very happy with our experience with the Nasdaq Global Perception team. They did a comprehensive perception study for us, and cooperated closely with us in developing the questionnaire and the target group of investors, both holders and non-holders. The results were extremely useful for us, actually leading us to change our public stance on shareholder returns based on investor feedback. The results were circulated among our entire Senior Leadership team and also key members of the management team of Deutsche Telekom, which is our majority shareholder. The Nasdaq Global Perception team did an outstanding job and we are already looking forward to doing another perception study with them. ”
-- Nils Paellmann, Head of IR, T-Mobile
“I was very pleased to work with the NASDAQ Global Perception team for our company’s first ever perception study. It had been a year and a half since our spin-out, so the timing was right on that end. Additionally, we were considering topics for our first investor day. The report they delivered was extremely insightful, as if they had known our business for years. While there weren’t any real surprises, the study really helped rank order the importance of issues to our investors, which helped us to focus our investor day content. Our investor day wouldn’t have been a success without their help.”
-- Dan Gallagher, Vice President of IR, Ingevity

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