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Investor Relations Intelligence

Equity Surveillance & Global Shareholder Identification

Keeping your management team informed and prepared to ask questions in real-time is an important function of your Investor Relations program. Whether on the road or in a meeting, you need access to data and analysis to understand the performance of the market, your stock, sector and peers.

Equity Surveillance

Our Nasdaq Advisory Services Equity Surveillance team serves clients in all sectors and regions worldwide and can help you stay informed with detailed data and analysis about the latest activity of your institutional shareholder base, understand the performance of your sector or stock, and ensure you’re prepared to answer management’s questions. Partnering with our Strategic Capital Intelligence team, we can help you take your surveillance analysis to the next level by helping you target investors beyond your sector.

With our multi-faceted platform, Nasdaq IR Insight®, you can access the latest data and analytics in real-time.

Global Shareholder Analysis (Outside of U.S.)

Ideal for regions with limited public filings requirements, our Shareholder Identification & Analysis program is designed to uncover the institutional shareholders across you and your peer group; complete with their volume of holdings. We present this information in reports you can immediately share with your Board and management to keep them informed and educated.

Unique Information & Analytics

Our analysts mine, analyze and correlate the same information used by institutional investors and analysts, including:

“Nasdaq’s Advisory Services Team is adept at adapting to changing corporate situations. Faced with two headline grabbing events within the course of one year, members of the Nasdaq Advisory team earned a seat at the table by providing real-time, accurate and important strategic insights that greatly assisted my fellow executives, my Board and supplemented the work of external advisors allowing us to navigate these challenging events. Over the course of my career, my experiences with the team have demonstrated that their sector expertise and intimate knowledge of the investor landscape is a real differentiating factor compared to the competition.”
-- Christopher Keenan, Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications, Depomed, Inc.
“Nasdaq’s Consumer Advisory emails are a great way to stay on top of the overall market on a daily and intra-daily basis. From shareholder analysis and trading and investor activity to insights into how best to manage your investor relations outreach efforts, it definitely helps me stay up to speed in today’s dynamic marketplace.”
-- Stacey Caravella, Head of Investor Relations, Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc.

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