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Benchmarked Analytics and Beyond

MiFID II, ESG and index ownership have reshaped the way in which Investor Relations and management teams manage their shareholder base, message their story and ultimately seek quality pools of capital beyond their sector. These changes require IROs to understand how investor activity compares across their peers, the different sectors and within their market capitalization. Insight360, powered by Nasdaq IR Insight®, moves beyond traditional data aggregation – it is the first step in transforming client inputs into actionable analytics. Combined with the insights from our Strategic Capital Intelligence team, Insight360 is designed to provide investor relations professionals the tools to:

  • Benchmark their investor interactions by sector, region or market capitalization
  • Help determine when your non-deal roadshow would be most effective
  • Prioritize and target cities by tracking the real-time increase in capital flows
  • Track the activity of your investor targets in real-time

Insight360™ Dashboard Differentiators

Insight360TM is the next frontier in the evolution of Nasdaq IR Insight®, incorporating benchmarking and advanced metrics such as saturation, to make your data more actionable in real time:

Event Benchmarking: Goals-based dashboard to benchmark activity against region, sector, or market capitalization
Target Tracker: Dynamically track progress of identified targets met along with net activity

Saturation Analysis: Quantifying and visualizing the magnitude of share activity across peers by region, sector or market capitalization

Geographic Events: Geographically track capital flows to better prioritize certain cities versus others by region, market capitalization or sector

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