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Nasdaq IR Insight®

A multi-faceted platform designed specifically for investor relations teams to maximize the effectiveness and value of their IR program, providing an integrated workflow solution, to help both drive results and ensure a best-in-class IR program.

Nasdaq IR Insight is an award-winning platform designed to provide Investor Relations professionals with the latest market information to help address the increasing challenges they face today including time management and limited resources. With the most comprehensive and integrated content and productivity tools, Nasdaq IR Insight provides the insights you need to help you keep your management team informed, save time and drive results.

With Nasdaq IR Insight, you’ll:

  • Gain access to your current and historical shareholder ownership base
  • Manage your roadshows and events with our intuitive planner
  • Elevate your targeting program with insights into the drivers behind trading decisions
  • Gain insight into the fundamental areas that may make you vulnerable to shareholder activism with Activist360™
  • Evaluate and benchmark your meeting and investor interactions to peers in any sector, market capitalization or region with Insight360™
  • Understand the latest trends in passive index ownership and your index inclusion with passiveIQ™
  • Access the latest research, estimates, fundamentals and filings
  • Add investor interactions without interrupting your task at hand using the quick event button, located on the main navigation menu.
  • Synchronize your workflow with the Microsoft® Excel and Outlook integration
  • Access the information you need anytime, anywhere with IRO-on-the-GO™*; Whether you’re at an investor meeting or on the road, stay informed and organized with our easy-to-use mobile app.
  • And much more!
Sell-side research is very helpful to me because we are in vertical software and we tend to follow our peers. Having their accessibility and their research is fantastic. Nasdaq IR Insight® pulls all of that research together and helps us be more efficient and organized in identifying who the peers are and collecting that information.
-- Mark Furlong, Director of Investor Relations, Blackbaud
I'm certainly in Nasdaq IR Insight® every single day. Whenever I'm trying to get information about investors to either target or as part of my meeting preparation, I rely on Nasdaq Corporate Solutions to understand what their holdings are and what their background is.
-- Rob Bradley, Vice President of Investor Relations, LogMeln, Inc.


Nasdaq IR Insight provides access to a host of premium content including Thomson Reuters First Call® Research and Estimates, real-time Market data via our Market and Quote Monitors, and the latest Fundamentals and Filings. Stay up-to-date with the latest market news with our Market News and Company News dashboards pulling the latest from Reuters.


Utilize Nasdaq IR Insight as a powerful event management and measurement tool by correlating investor meeting data to understand the success of your interactions; view performance metrics and benchmark your activity versus your peers. Gain access to an intuitive calendar to log interactions and access your latest transcripts.


Let us help you ensure that you are meeting with the right investors, gain insight into peer ownership and prioritize capital flows by city; Drill down and compare your metrics relative to your peers by any market capitalization, any sector or any region.


Gauge the progress of your investor interactions in Nasdaq IR Insight.

  • Insight into current and historical ownership data
  • Track progress of key identified investor targets by net activity via Insight360
  • Quantify the magnitude of share activity across peers by region, sector or market capitalization via Insight360
  • Understand the indices you’re included in and which you may not be included in
  • Visualize the buying and selling trends across your peers
  • Understand the investment styles versus your peers (Index, Value, Growth, GARP)



Earnings Analyzer

Understand and measure the performance of your quarterly earnings versus the previous quarter to track the performance and progress of your IR program.

Goal Tracking

Set goals in Nasdaq IR Insight to track the progress of your meetings or events, ownership posture, analyst coverage and your investor targets.
*Only available via Iphone

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