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Passive Index Ownership, Uncovered.

Winner of the 2018 Stevie Gold Award – New Product of the Year – Business or Competitive Intelligence Solution

Index investors should no longer be considered passive as their reliance on ESG, specifically corporate governance, is being used as a method to understand the long-term growth and cost of capital of a corporate. With more than a 1/3 of mutual fund and ETF AUM in passive index funds, index ownership is too big to ignore.

Powered by Nasdaq IR Insight®, passiveIQ™ is helping today’s IROs understand the latest trends in index ownership, identify which indices are most important and understand why their companies might not be included in certain indices.

By leveraging our Strategic Capital Intelligence team and passiveIQ, we can help you keep your management team informed on index ownership, identify passive capital opportunities, and highlight any governance concerns.

  • Total AUM in passive indices vs. your company
  • Total number of passive index ETFs and funds to those you’re getting capital from
  • Top passive index ETFs and funds

Index Inclusion

Understand the most important indices you’re getting capital from.

Index Explorer

Explore indices that your peers are getting capital from and why you might not be.

Mutual Funds and ETFs

Gain insight into your top holding passive index ETFs and funds.


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