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With over 90 Data products, there’s always something new to explore. Whether you’re looking to generate alpha, mitigate risk, build models or find trading opportunities, we have a product that fits your needs. We welcome the opportunity to serve you our reliable market data in a variety of different asset classes.

Nordic Featured

Nasdaq Global Data Products powers trading and investment decisions around the world. Our European real-time and historical data products provide comprehensive insight into trading activity for multiple exchanges and asset classes.


Nordic Equity TotalView is the premier information product for active investors and traders dealing in Nordic exchange-listed securities Learn more >


Nordic Derivatives and Commodities AMD feeds provide additional market data not contained in the regular ITCH feeds. Find out more >


Validate orders or recover from data gaps that happen intraday. Glimpse provides a snapshot of the book at any time during the trading day so users can view the full order depth when they log in for Nordic Equities, Derivatives, and Commodities. Protect your trading data now. >


New! Provides investors and market participants with insight into the liquidity of individually listed instruments. Find out more >


The Nasdaq Web API (WAPI) supplies real-time, delayed or end-of-day data prices through a secure website to external web sites or custom market data applications. Available for Nordic Commodities, Equities, Derivatives, Index and US delayed data. >

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