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    Nasdaq Trading Insights

    Advanced Analytics. Stronger Decision Making.

    Nasdaq announces Nasdaq Trading Insights—a new product suite that combines proprietary data with advanced analytics and machine learning to improve a firm’s trading behaviors and performance on The Nasdaq Stock Market.

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Analytics at Your Fingertips

The first three components of Nasdaq Trading Insights are based off U.S. stocks listed on Nasdaq. Together, they provide valuable analysis to rank your trading performance against peer companies, and pinpoint missed trading opportunities due to liquidity and latency.
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Missed Opportunities Liquidity

Helps improve trading performance by detecting where larger trades could have been executed and providing visibility into missed order volume.

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Peer Benchmarking

Analyzes 40+ metrics to rank a firm’s equity trading performance on The Nasdaq Stock Market against a group of peers with similar trading behavior.

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Missed Opportunities Latency

Helps a firm better understand why it missed a trade due to latency on a resting book order that was executed by someone quicker or ultimately canceled.

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Market Data and Feeds

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Nasdaq Trading Insights is the first product suite to debut from the GIS Innovation Lab, a virtual workshop led by a small task force of Nasdaq technologists, data scientists and business teams focused on creating game-changing solutions for the trading and investment community. Download the Nasdaq Trading Insights factsheet >

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