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Superior Equity Market Data Coverage

Nasdaq powers trading and investment decisions around the world and our coverage of the Equities markets is unmatched.

Nasdaq Equities Market Data

Nasdaq powers trading and investment decisions around the world and our coverage of the Equities markets is unmatched. Nasdaq owns 10 equities markets around the world. As the largest single liquidity pool for U.S. equities, our U.S. markets - Nasdaq, BX, PSX - offer three models. Our seven European equities markets allow efficient cross-border trading, settlement and membership through one platform.

U.S. Market Data

Equity Market Data for the United States

Nasdaq offers direct access to its U.S. equity data products from its U.S. data centers and approved redistributors. Our real-time and historical data products provide comprehensive insight into trading activity for multiple exchanges and asset classes.

View the Product Table to see the full U.S. Equity Market product list.

Nasdaq TotalView >
Displays 18x the liquidity of Level 2. A must-have for active traders.

Nasdaq Basic >
Save up to 60% off your current Level 1 subscription. Basic is the easy-to-administer alternative to Level 1 data.

Nasdaq Last Sale >
Real-time last sale data for securities listed on U.S. exchanges - including price, volume and time.

Nordic Market Data

Equity Market Data for the Nordics

The Nasdaq Nordic Equity products provide real-time market data, including best bid/ask insight into the Copenhagen, Helsinki, Iceland, Stockholm and First North marketplaces.

Coverage includes equity instruments (equities, equity rights, bonus subscriptions, interim shares, convertibles, warrants and mutual funds), index values and company news/disclosures.

Nordic Totalview
Nordic Equity TotalView >
Our lowest latency feed, Nordic Equity TotalView offers full market insight through the order book, news and analysis data, and company financials for all Nordic equities.

Product Lists

Nasdaq Equity Product List

If you have questions as to which Equity products are best suited to your business needs, please contact your Nasdaq Account Manager or submit a Market Data Request form.

Featured U.S. Equity Products

U.S. Equity ProductsService Level/Details
Nasdaq TotalView® >The standard-setting data feed for serious traders, presenting every single quote and order at every price level for all Nasdaq-, NYSE-, NYSE MKT- and regional-listed securities on Nasdaq, Inc.
Nasdaq Last Sale (NLS) >A direct data feed that provides real-time last sale data for securities listed on U.S. exchanges - including price, volume and time.
Nasdaq Basic >Basic is an easy-to-administer alternative to Level 1 data, providing last sale and top of book quotations. On average, saves users 60% off their current Level 1 subscriptions.
Nasdaq Market ReplaySM >An extremely powerful replay and analysis tool, allowing users to view the consolidated order book and trade data for U.S. exchange-listed securities at any point in time.
Analytics Hub >Analytics Hub provides fund managers and traders with alpha signals to help augment trading strategies. It derives daily buy-, sell-, and longer-term investment signals unique to Nasdaq from different data sources, leveraging machine intelligence to discover what may or may not be knowable.

Featured Nordic Equity Products

Nordic Equity ProductsService Level/Details
Nordic Equity
TotalView >

Our premier, lowest latency feed. Includes bid/ask price and volume aggregated at 20 price levels or full depth of the book with all quotes and orders, Liquidity Measure Indicators and Level 1 data.

Distributor Fees for Nordic Equity Last Sale and Nordic Equity Level 1 and Level 2 included.

Nordic Equity ITCH GlimpseGlimpse is a complement service to the Nasdaq TotalView-ITCH real-time data feed products. It provides direct data feed customers functionality to obtain a snapshot of an order book in a trading source system at any point during the trading day.
Nordic Equity Level 1

Single best bid/ask order book data, as well as trade and index data.

Nordic Equity Level 2

Top 5 levels of aggregated bid/ask depth in addition to the trade and index data.

Nordic Equity Filtered TotalView Datafeeds

The right to externally distribute Nordic Equity real time data feeds with less depth than Nordic Equity TotalView sourced from the Nordic Equity TotalView-ITCH feed.

The fee does not apply for internal distribution or external distribution via controlled display devices.

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