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Increase your visibility with distribution across our photo network and archive services, and raise your profile with a feature on the Nasdaq Tower.

Nasdaq GlobeNewswire offers one of the industry's most robust photo distribution networks, including: 

  • The Associated Press' PhotoExpress network, which reaches directly into the newsroom of more than 1200 newspapers
  • NewsCom, a premier photo archive service used by 10,000 registered users around the world 
  • AP Images, a commercial photo archival service with world-wide membership exceeding 25,000 
  • GlobeNewswire also maintains its own photo distribution network that includes hundreds of photo editors. 
We can also distribute your photo, logo or other image along with your press release to Yahoo! Finance.


The Nasdaq Tower is one of the largest stationary video screens in the world. An estimated 1.5 million consumers view the site on a daily basis. Companies utilizing the Times Square Tower Photo service will have their stock symbol, logos and press releases displayed several times after the news has been transmitted to the financial media. A photo clip of the release on the tower also will be provided. Transmissions to the site can be ordered with any GlobeNewswire news distribution.


GlobeNewswire's Photo Release Service combines the most powerful photo distribution channels to reach newspapers, magazines, trade publications and journalists. 

  • AP Photo Express
    The centerpiece of the distribution is AP Photo Express, one of the world's largest photo networks. AP Photo Express reaches some 1200 US newspapers and is transmitted directly into the publication's digital darkroom. There is no more efficient and cost effective method to reach US newspapers than AP Photo Express.

  • AP Images
    AP Images has also been added to Photo Release Service. AP Images is an archival service hosted by the Associated Press that serves more than 25,000 journalists throughout the globe. With AP Images, your photos will always be available to the media 24/7.

  • Newscom
    In addition to AP Photo Express and AP Images, through GlobeNewswire's Photo Plus Service your photo is also archived on Newscom. Newscom is a leader in providing publishers with high-quality content from a wide variety of global sources. Established in 1985, Newscom is accessed by thousands of journalists around the world.

  • Yahoo Placement
    Your photo is embedded in your release on one of the most familiar news portals on the Internet. This service is available as either a standalone service or through Photo Plus Service. 

Your photo/graphic is also archived in GlobeNewswire's database where a high-res version is available for download, and posted on the GlobeNewswire Newsroom.

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