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2004:1 Tripep AB

On the morning before the trading had started the company published a press release containing information regarding certain research results. On the preceding day, however, the company had informed a journalist about the contents of the press release. Information about the new research results could be read in the newspaper in the morning before the company's press release had reached the market. The Disciplinary Committee found that the company's handling of the matter was not compatible with the Exchange's rules. However, the Committee concluded that the disregard of the rules was alleviated by the press release being published in ample time before the opening of the Exchange on the same day that the interview was published in the newspaper. Accordingly, the Committee found that it was sufficient to issue the company a warning. The complete determination is available in Swedish only.

2004:1 Tripep AB (SE)

2004:2 Lundin Petroleum AB

The company disclosed information of the type that could affect the company's share price to a journalist without simultaneously making a public announcement of the information. The day after the information was published in the newspaper, the company issued a press release containing the information. The Disciplinary Committee found that the company's disclosure of the said information to the newspaper was a breach of the Exchange's rules regarding the disclosure of information. The Committee imposed a fine of one annual fee. The complete determination is available in Swedish only.

2004:2 Lundin Petroleum AB (SE)

2004:3 Telefon AB LM Ericsson

The company published, right after the start of continuous trading, a press release with the headline "Ericsson will report first quarter gross margin higher than level achieved in fourth quarter". The company had not prior to the publication of the press release contacted the exchange in order to provide advance information. As a consequence the Exchange could not consider a brief suspension of the trading. The Committee deemed that there were strong grounds to support the fact that the Exchange should receive advance information if a company intends to publish an unexpected change in financial results even if the company itself has not published a forecast, which also corresponds with general practice. Since there are no explicit provisions that regulate this circumstance and it is only addressed in the guidelines to the Listing Agreement the Disciplinary Committee deemed that the company's neglect could not be related to such a breach that could cause disciplinary actions. The complete determination is available in Swedish only.

2004:3 Telefon AB LM Ericsson (SE)

2004:4 Försäkrings AB Skandia

The company contravened its disclosure obligation under the company's listing agreement with Stockholm Stock Exchange. The Committee found that the information provided by the company in its annual report for 2000 about the benefits to the company's president was misleading and incomplete, and that the information provided in the annual report about two bonus programs was misleading and incorrect. The Disciplinary Committee established that the company should pay a fine of two annual fees . The complete determination is available in Swedish only.

2004:4 Försäkrings AB Skandia (SE)

2004:5 Pricer AB

The company breached the listing agreement by not correctly disclosing information that affected the price of its shares. The Disciplinary Committee has concluded that the company, by means of its description of an supply agreement on its website and in an interview, hade elected to give the information the potential to affect the price of the company's shares, despite the fact that the immediate financial implication of the order was limited. Accordingly, the company should have disclosed the news in the manner stated in the listing agreement. The Disciplinary Committee ordered the company to pay a fine of one annual fee. The complete determination is available in Swedish only.

2004:5 Pricer AB (SE)

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