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Main Market

With regards to listing processes, the Surveillance function is a gatekeeper. Surveillance handles the formal part of the listing processes, which generally include the assessments on whether the applicant or the instrument fulfills the requirements of the market place. The review and qualifications processes differ significantly between different products and, to some extent, jurisdictions but the fundamental principles are the same. Products admitted to trading must fulfill the formal requirements in law and regulation, be suitable for trading and there must be conditions in place to support price formation and orderly trading.

First North

The listing criteria for First North are less onerous than what is the case for the regulated market and the process itself is simplified in comparison. The listing process does not involve an Exchange Auditor or the Listing Committee. A company that seeks to list with First North should first contact a Certified Advisor and then engage with the exchange to commence the listing process. The decision to approve an application will be taken by the Surveillance function.

Listing Forms

Necessary forms and other relevant documents related to listings and issuer specific matters on Nasdaq Nordic. 

Please note that the harmonized Nordic forms are set out below under the heading “General forms”. For specific local forms, please refer to relevant exchange and thereto adherent documentation.

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