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European Markets

Nasdaq is one of the largest, most liquid and efficient cash equity markets in Europe.

Nasdaq Board talks

A Think Tank for Board Members of Nasdaq listed companies.



The European main markets are regulated and follows EU directives and is suited to companies that can adhere to the highest standards for reporting transparency and accountability. 


Launched in 2009, the Nasdaq First North Premier segment is designed to further assist companies in raising investor visibility and to prepare them for a Main Market listing.


Nasdaq First North is our market for small and medium sized growth companies. Through First North, companies can access the capital markets while realizing their growth potential.


Nasdaq offers efficient listing and trading solutions for all major debt instrument types - ranging from government bonds to retail traded high yield bonds. Click the links below to learn more about the Nordic debt markets.

Learn more about the advantages of listing debt:

Exchange Traded Products

Nasdaq Exchange Traded Products offering encompass efficient listing and trading combined with local market expertise and strong distribution channels. You can choose to list a broad range of products with varying underlyings and pay off structures to meet the specific needs of the individual investor.

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Going public can be the ideal path forward, enabling future prosperity for your company. There are multiple reasons why your company should apply for a listing. Maybe you are in the stage to expand your business and need capital to grow?

A listing can provide the company with a quality stamp and the needed visibility to attract new business partners and investors. In the listing approval process the company has to live up to requirements on structure and governance. Therefore, the listing preparation process can help make the company better fit to manage growth. Whether you are an early stage growth company or a more mature business Nasdaq has the infrastructure critical to help your company realize its growth potential.


  • Quality Stamp and Brand Promotion - raises company profile and reputation
  • Access to a Broader and International Investor Base
  • Media Exposure, Equity Research, Transparency and Liquidity
  • Finance product development and expansion to foreign markets
  • Financing means for acquisitions
  • Better governance structures prepares organization for growth

Case Studies

There are different reasons why a listing can be an ideal way to go in order to raise capital.

Here you will find a selection of case studies illustrating some of our issuers reasoning and paths, what path will be yours?

Siili Solutions - listing as a tool for visibility and next level growth >

IPO path: Nasdaq First North Helsinki to Main Market Helsinki.

Green Mobility - listing as a tool for rapid expansion >

IPO path: Listed on Nasdaq First North Copenhagen.

Zealand Pharma - leveraging the Nordic and US capital market >

IPO Path: Dual listing on Nasdaq Copenhagen and Nasdaq Stock Market, USA.

Aspire Global - gaming company leveraging the Nordic industry expertise and strong ecosystem >

IPO path: Non-nordic company listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Stockholm.

Hexatronic Group - listing as a tool for acquisitions >

IPO path: Nasdaq First North Stockholm to Main Market Stockholm

GomSpace - listing as a tool to gain credibility >

IPO path: Listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Stockholm.

Nordic Events & Training

We believe an educated market is a well-functioning market. Nasdaq offers events & training for listed companies, advisors, professional investors and other market participants.

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