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Nasdaq Board Talks

At Nasdaq, we recognize the importance of being confident that your Board of Directors stay in the know regarding relevant topics facing a company listed on the exchange. This is why we have launched our new concept Nasdaq board talks, a Think Tank for Board Members of Nasdaq listed companies.

Nasdaq board talks is a platform supporting professional development and exchange of experience among board members, where the most relevant topics of interest to the board and leadership team can be discussed in various formats.

Nasdaq board talks provide the members of the board with the opportunity to:

  • ACCESS relevant information and updates on specific topics, by external and internal experts
  • DISCUSS important topics with peers in roundtable formats (e.g. interpretations of regulations or development within corporate governance)
  • Be part of a NETWORK for board members

Board talk Seminars

For who: The seminars target board members of companies listed at Nasdaq Nordic Main Market or Nasdaq First North Premier, however our knowledge bank is available for all.

Language: Please refer to the individual session to see which language the seminar is conducted in.

Upcoming seminars

Sustainability in the boardroom | September 4, 16:00 | Nasdaq Stockholm (In Swedish) 

An integrated sustainability strategy is today central to corporate competitiveness and a company’s continued ability to operate – sustainability is therefore increasingly positioned at the top of board agendas. In our next board talks seminar we will discuss how the board can take on a broader and more active role in the company's sustainability work, what responsibility the board has in this context and how the owners' and the public’s expectations can and should be taken care of. 

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Previous Seminars

Avoiding Sanctions

April 24, Stockholm  Read the summary in English or Swedish

A recent report from The European Securities and Markets Authority shows that Sweden accounts for a large proportion of the sanctions issued according to MAR, in terms of both market abuse and other infringements. Sanctions often target the individual and as a board member, you are in some cases personally affected. It is therefore crucial to be aware of the rules and knowing how they are applied. During the seminar, we provided an overview of the current rules and regulations, discussed previous cases and provided practical guidance around situations that can be extra tricky to navigate.
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Managing changes in management

October 2018, Stockholm  Read the summary

Providing timely and accurate information to the market can be challenging in many situations for a listed company. One instance where the responsibility to do so lies particularly with the Board of Directors is when changes take place in the executive management. During this seminar, we will discuss how boards can work to handle these challenges, as well as listen to people with their own experience in the field. Please note that the session is held in Swedish.

Take Over

June 2018, Stockholm  Read the summary

A takeover bid is a highly challenging and equally interesting process for a board and its members. This second seminar focuses on takeover situations and the role and challenges of the board of directors of a company that becomes the target of a takeover bid. Expertise and best practice example cases will be shared and discussed.

Profit Warnings

March 2018, Stockholm  Read the summary

Application of MAR is often considered challenging and may undoubtedly be difficult. Most companies have landed in that it is by no means impossible, but it requires structure and discipline, as well as careful consideration. At our first event within the framework of Nasdaq board talks, the topic in focus is the application of MAR in situations that may cause profit warnings.
Nasdaqs Joakim Strid, VP Issuer Surveillance, and Eva Hägg, Partner and Lawyer, Mannheimer Swartling, discuss MAR and profit warnings.

Knowledge Library

Highlights from the Annual Nordic Surveillance report 2017

What does Nasdaq’s surveillance team work with on a daily basis? What are the significant highlights and interesting statistics from the past year? All this and much more can be found in the Annual Nordic Surveillance report 2017. Watch this video to hear Jimmy Kvarnström, acting head of Surveillance and Joakim Strid, former head of Surveillance discuss the report in more detail.

Get the report

What can be learnt from sanctioning decisions on disclosure rules?

Disclosure obligations and the definition of inside information can at times be tricky, guidance can however many times be obtained by reviewing previous cases. In the Annual Nordic Surveillance report 2017 there are records and descriptions of disciplinary cases, in part relating to issuers’ disclosure obligations. Watch this video with Jimmy Kvarnström, acting head of Surveillance and Joakim Strid, former head of Surveillance to learn more.

Access the report

Issuer Surveillance role in the listing process

2017 was a fantastic year for listings in the Nordics, both on the main market and on Nasdaq First North. What is Issuer Surveillance’s role in the context? Watch this video with Jimmy Kvarnström, acting head of Surveillance and Joakim Strid, former head of Surveillance to learn more about the process, for example the three most common reasons a company does not get approved for a listing.

Want to learn more about the work of the Surveillance function? Have a look at the Annual Nordic Surveillance report for 2017
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The Nasdaq ESG Guide in a broader reporting framework

In March 2017, Nasdaq launched a voluntary ESG Reporting Guide to support our listed companies in the Nordic and Baltic markets in their ESG reporting. Watch this video with sustainability expert Fredrik Franke to learn, among other things, how the ESG Guide relates to other initiatives in the market and how to get started with your reporting.

Find more information and download the ESG Reporting guide

European Regulatory Updates Now Available on MarketInsite

Are you interested in regulation and financial markets? Then make sure to check out the new section dedicated to regulatory information on our blog, MarketInsite. Watch this video where Markus Mild, Regulatory strategist at Nasdaq, introduces the new concept. 

Direct access to the blog

What topics do you want us to cover?

In order to ensure our training activities adds as much value as possible to you, we want to plan our board talk events in collaboration with you. Please submit your suggested topics and speakers
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