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Launching training:
The Step to the Main Market

Listing at Nasdaq Stockholm

What does an Exchange Auditor Review mean for a company? 

Events & Training

We believe an educated market is a well-functioning market. Nasdaq offers events and training to listed companies, advisors, professional investors and other market participants connected to Nasdaq Nordic.

Whoever you are

Whether you are a beginner, an experienced member in the boardroom or part of the management team, we have the training for you. Both the Main Market and the Nasdaq First North Board & Leadership Training suits beginners and experienced participants. For experienced board members we offer the Nasdaq board talks series.

For Certified Advisers, we offer training on topics that you as a Certified Adviser need to master. You are also welcome to sign up for any Board & Leadership trainings.

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"Outstanding presentations given by the instructors - much stronger and more informative sessions than I had expected"

-- attendee Board & Management Training --

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