Nasdaq's Listing Options

U.S. Markets

With a community of more than 3,700 listed and approximately 18,000 global clients, we provide a market of innovators and visionaries that are aligned together with a shared interest in helping attract more customers and investors.

Global Market

Nasdaq Global Market, including the Nasdaq Global Select Market tier, is the successor to the Nasdaq National Market. As such, Nasdaq believes that all securities listed on the Nasdaq Global Market, including those listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market, are ''covered securities,'' as that term is defined in Section 18(b) of the Securities Act of 1933. 

At any time, a company currently listed on the Nasdaq Global Market can submit a transfer application to move its securities to the Nasdaq Global Select Market.
There are no application or entry fees associated with this application, which is available electronically through the Listing Center.
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