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Nasdaq Data Integrity Suite

Nasdaq Data Integrity Suite is a trusted workflow and secure audit trail solution that enables data provenance to verify origination and a complete chronology of the ownership, custody or location of any data flowing through your organization. Using blockchain technology, the suite secures mission-critical workflows and captures provable audit events in real-time with cryptographic proof-of-process techniques that:

  • help ensure information security
  • demonstrate regulatory compliance
  • enable Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Example Use Cases for Data Integrity Suite

  • Supply Chain Management: Invoke ‘Trust in Trade’ by bringing visibility to optimize your supply chain with a shared, permissioned record of ownership, location and movement of parts and goods.
  • Healthcare: Manage Healthcare Data Exchanges and interoperability, claims adjudication and billing management, drug supply chain integrity and provenance.
  • Data Privacy: Prove to customers and investors that sensitive data is not being shared and only being used for approved purposes.

Key Benefits of Nasdaq Data Integrity Suite

  • Secure management of digital rights, permissions and workflows with demonstrable controls to mitigate and manage regulatory risk
  • Creation of trust and confidence through secure, immutable audit trail; full transparency across all transmissions/state changes
  • Independent third party provider, with the quality, reliability and robustness associated with the Nasdaq brand

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