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Central Counterparty Clearing House (CCP)

Managing clearing complexity in real-time


Central Counterparty's Clearing (CCP) compete not just locally for business but on a global basis, taking on immense amounts of risk as they clear and settle millions upon billions of transactions. Their technology needs to be real-time, robust and proven to keep up with even the most demanding market conditions.

That’s why Nasdaq provides high-velocity clearing, CCP risk and settlement solutions that intelligently manage and mitigate ever-changing risks, while efficiently processing billions of multi-asset transactions. Nasdaq technology is already proven and in use, not just at Nasdaq, but trusted by 14 other CCPs around the globe.

Introducing The Nasdaq Financial Framework

The Nasdaq Financial Framework is Nasdaq’s evolutionary harmonized approach to delivering robust end-to-end solutions to financial infrastructure providers in an open, agile environment.

The framework consists of a single operational core that ties together the deep portfolio of Nasdaq’s proven business functionality across the trade lifecycle, in an open framework whereby exchanges, CCPs and CSDs can easily integrate Nasdaq’s business applications with each other, as well as other third-party solutions.

See how Nasdaq’s Market Technology solutions can help transform your business.

Nasdaq MiFID II Case Study

What are Market Operators, like CCPs, obligated to under MiFID II?

Learn More about Nasdaq’s path to MiFID II compliance.

CCP Solutions >

Leverage real-time clearing solutions enabling management of multiple currencies, asset classes and business models in a single solution with sophisticated cross-margining capabilities to raise your competitive position.

Real-Time Risk >

Measures and manages real-time risk from post-trade perspective for both exchange-traded and OTC instruments.

Clearing Engine >

High velocity, multi-asset clearing engine with real-time capabilities. Handles trades, positions and lifecycle management with functional depth.

Collateral Management

Sophisticated CCP collateral management functionality. Handles deposits, valuation and evaluation against exposures.

OTC Workflow Manager

Handles registration, matching, affirmation, confirmation, pre-novation checks and position keeping of both complex and non-complex OTC contracts.

Settlement Instructor

Manages and aggregates all settlement instructions handled by a CCP both securities and cash. Fundamental for Cash CCP functionality.


The single price source for all post-trade prices including margin, collateral and fixing prices. Sophisticated price determination and theoretical pricing.


Scheduled, event-driven and, ad-hoc reporting capable of creating reports from any data source and data store that connects to the Nasdaq Core.

Packaged CCP

Cost-effective Clearing, Margin and Settlement engine in one application, helps smaller and mid-tier exchangesCCPs meet their ambitions

Market Intelligence Solutions >

Gain real-time actionable intelligence about your CCP's health, exposure and members to more wisely and efficiently manage your business.

Visualizer >

Visualize any data connected to the Nasdaq Core, providing the ability to correlate multiple data sources across business siloes to gain a true understanding of the reasons behind certain occurrences.


Brings actionable intelligence via advanced calculations of connected data to empower effective decision making.

Q&A Testing Solutions >

Reduce the cost and complexity of quality assurance while simultaneously bringing new functionality to market more quickly and effectively.


Leverage an API-independent testing solution offering manual and automated test tools that features easy-to-use testing tools, visualizations reporting and replay capabilities that simplify the creation and execution of scenarios.

Delivery Services

For 25 years, Nasdaq’s Delivery Services have been implemented across a wide range of projects all over the world, on time and on budget. Watch the video above to learn about Hong Kong’s experience with our Delivery Services team.

Nasdaq Market Advisory

Nasdaq’s Market Advisory team has provided over 60 market operator clients in 25 countries the strategic and operational guidance needed to create a new venue, develop their business, their technology and even their capital markets ecosystem. Download the factsheet to learn more.
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