Nasdaq Clearing Technology

Nasdaq provides CCPs and markets cost-efficient, high-velocity clearing, settlement and risk management to more intelligently manage, mitigate their ever-changing list of risks, in real-time. Our solutions support a broad range of asset classes, both on-exchange and OTC, and are reliable, and scalable to manage clearing operations for more straight-forward implementations to complex, multi-model,-currency and –market organizations.

The Nasdaq Financial Framework for Clearinghouses

The Nasdaq Financial Framework is Nasdaq’s evolutionary and harmonized approach to delivering robust business functionality across the trade lifecycle to financial infrastructure providers in an open, agile environment. Standardized and unified operations coupled with unparalleled flexibility ensure that clearinghouses can go-to-market more quickly and cost-effectively, helping to boost their competitive proposition in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Due to its open and flexible structure, the Nasdaq Financial Framework enables clearinghouses to integrate their own business functionality, such as proprietary risk models, as well as other external technology platforms to ensure all their business needs can be met.

Nasdaq Financial Framework

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Nasdaq Core Business Applications for Clearinghouses

Proven and in use by 10+ clearinghouses around the world, including Nasdaq Clearing, our standardized, modular solutions provide an efficient and stable environment for real time clearing, risk management and settlement across a wide spectrum of securities. The Nasdaq Business Applications ensure that clearinghouses are able to manage changes in strategy, market structure and regulatory initiatives. Specifically designed for CCPs and with a focus on reduced cost-of-ownership and rapid delivery, the platform is capable of supporting multiple clearing, segregation and settlement models across currencies and asset classes on a single platform. Additionally, to keep CCPs safe, efficient and competitive, our robust Real-Time Risk solution provides integrated margin and collateral checks along with real time risk aggregation and cross-margining.

Key Features
Multi-asset, multi-currency clearing and full risk management support for listed and OTC products
Full coverage for all types of securities, multi-currency
Cross-margining between asset classes and multiple built-in and pluggable margin models
Robust real-time risk controls, including enterprise risk aggregation, limit management and margin analysis
Reduced operational complexity with lower total cost of enhancements and changes to the system
Dynamic infrastructure with the industry-leading throughput and performance to keep CCP successful and operational at all times
Blockchain-integration: Leveraging Nasdaq solutions your CCP has the ability to integrate blockchain technology to realize efficiency benefits across the post-trade lifecycle. Contact us to learn more.
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