Cost-efficient, high-velocity clearing, settlement and risk management

CSDs globally are gearing up to meet several new principles – like those developed by the Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems (CPSS) and International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO). Many of these newer initiatives are increasing competition on all fronts, causing a need for flexible CSD technology that can more easily adapt to newer business models. Nasdaq provides all of the flexibility coupled with robust functionality to meet the demanding challenges of today’s marketplace.

The Nasdaq Financial Framework for Central Securities Depositories

The Nasdaq Financial Framework <<link>> is Nasdaq’s evolutionary harmonized approach to delivery robust business functionality across the trade lifecycle to financial infrastructure providers in an open, agile environment. Standardized, unified operations, messaging and data infrastructure coupled with unparalleled flexibility ensure that CSDs can go-to-market more quickly, and cost-effectively, helping to boost their competitive proposition in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Due to the Nasdaq Financial Framework’s open nature, CSDs can also integrate their own business functionalityas well as other third-party offerings, helping to meet their own unique needs.


Learn more about the Nasdaq Financial Framework>> (LINK)

Nasdaq Core Business Applications for CSDs

Consistent with international standards, business conduct policies, and requirements, Nasdaq CSD Suite helps CSDs effectively manage multiple business opportunities including Settlement, Depository, Registry and Asset Servicing. Specifically designed for CSDs and constructed for low cost-of-ownership and rapid delivery, the system is adaptable to multiple business models and changing market conditions. Nasdaq CSD Suite can be deployed on a standalone basis or integrated into an existing clearing environment. The solution seamlessly connects to third-party trading and clearing solutions via standard protocols and is tightly integrated with other Nasdaq market infrastructure systems.

Key Features:

  • Purpose built for full service CSD’s including trade and instruction management, settlement, custody, corporate event management and registry. Add-on modules include cash management for limited bank license holders, SLB and web based services to issuers and investors.
  • Full coverage for all types of securities, multi-currency and support for smooth, fault-free settlement with optimization algos, securities lending and borrowing, and buy-in processing
  • Built to enable full STP and based on global standards and market practices.
  • Reduced operational complexity with lower total cost of enhancements and changes to the system
  • Robust and dynamic infrastructure with the industry-leading throughput and performance to keep CSD successful and operational at all times


For 25 years Nasdaq’s Delivery Services team has implemented a wide range of projects from Nigeria to Japan and Colombia to Turkey and everywhere in between, which have required not only vast project management experience but also a deep understanding of local business practices, social skills and understanding of different cultures. Working on over a 120 major projects, they have completed installations of our own systems across the trade lifecycle to more complex projects, integrating Nasdaq solutions with proprietary systems and third party vendors

No matter how complex the requirements, the team continues to deliver on-time and budget, saving your organization time, money and additional resources

Meet the Delivery Services Team >

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Nasdaq Market Advisory Services provide market operators, regulators, and government bodies with strategic and operational guidance and help prepare them for future challenges. As an exchange owner, operator and technology provider, Nasdaq has deep exchange industry business expertise and hands on operational experience. We understand first-hand how marketplaces operate, the challenges they face and the complex technology infrastructure that is required to support them. To date Nasdaq’s Market Advisory Services team has provided strategic and operational guidance to more than 60 exchange industry clients in 25 countries.

Sample Engagements:

  • Guiding implementation of new operational processes
  • Developing new product lines and services
  • Developing action plans to attract new listings, develop governance processes and capital adequacy rules, improving trading, clearing and settlement efficiency
  • Building regional partnerships
  • Setting up new trading venues
  • Supporting change management projects

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