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Buy-Side Solutions

Human and data-driven services that support the front, middle and back office: from asset gathering and trading to surveillance and regulatory compliance.

Complete Support Across the Investment Lifecycle

Nasdaq’s solutions for the buy-side help traditional and alternative asset managers of all sizes navigate an ever increasingly complex and competitive landscape. From identifying new investment opportunities to providing a wide range of liquidity options and keeping reputations safe with risk and compliance solutions, Nasdaq is your partner to build, diversify and protect investor wealth.

Nasdaq Analytics Hub

Analytics Hub provides institutional investors, fund managers and traders with a library of normalized alternative data as well as buy
and sell signals derived from our machine intelligence

The data and computed signals are backtested, vetted and managed by Nasdaq so you can focus on alpha generation, risk and/or research without the need for multiple vendor relationships, set-ups and contracts.

Insider Trading

What do buy-side firms need to take into account when monitoring for insider trading? Find out what your firm needs to know, including a full list of surveillance recommendations, in Nasdaq’s whitepaper.

Compliance >

Bolster your organizations defenses against market manipulation and abuse, protect your reputation and investors and meet global regulatory obligations with the award-winning Nasdaq Buy-side Compliance solution.

Surveillance >

Deploys behavioral profiling algorithms to more efficiently and accurately detect instances of market abuse and market manipulation.

Fair Investor Allocation >

Provides measurable evidence of best executions and allocations for every client helping demonstrate fair treatment of all investors.

Personal Account Monitoring >

Leverages behavioral analytics to identify suspicious employee personal trading activities before it becomes abusive


Strengthen the investment process with access to a growing library of alternative data and computed trading signals. Compete for and retain institutional assets from the largest community of asset owners and consultants.

Nasdaq Analytics Hub >

Machine intelligence platform provides library of alternative data and computed signals.

eVestment >

Makes fund data searchable by consultants and asset owners that represent $35.7 trillion in AUM/AUA.

Nasdaq MFQS >

Disseminates daily valuation data for money market funds, mutual funds and UITs to one million-plus investors

Trading >

Gain a complete view of the global markets with clean, regulated information streams and trade services that enable multi-strategy trading.

Data Feeds >

Receive the most accurate, comprehensive data available from our family of data feeds.

Marquee Benchmarks >

Benchmark performance against a well-known or custom index, from our family of 45,000-plus indexes.

Trading Platforms >

Provide fair and efficient access to liquidity around the globe and across multiple asset classes.

How to Monitor for Insider Trading

Insider trading is the primary risk for market manipulation on the buy-side. Not only are firms susceptible to substantial fines and penalties, the harm that insider trading can do to a firm’s reputation is catastrophic, amounting to more damage than the fines and penalties themselves. Watch our video on how to monitor for insider trading, and learn how to prevent the threat in your firm.

Nasdaq Buy-side Compliance

Behavioral profiling algorithms needed to effectively address global regulation requirements, flagging suspicious activities more accurately that warrant immediate investigation.

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