SMARTS Holistic Surveillance

Nasdaq Trade Surveillance and Communications Monitoring in Partnership with Digital Reasoning

SMARTS has partnered with Digital Reasoning, the leading company in in electronic communications monitoring, to provide compliance teams with unmatchable insights into suspect trading activity. The relationship enables our customers to:

  • Gain additional insight into the intent behind order, trade and alert data
  • Identify relevant communications associated with potentially abusive behaviors
  • Prioritize alerts based on pattern contextual patterns

By deploying an extended suite of tools, compliance teams can enhance effectiveness and operate more efficiently, even as data volumes and sources multiply.

Nasdaq SMARTS Trade Surveillance and Digital Reasoning’s industry leading cognitive computing platform, Synthesys, provide next generation, holistic surveillance technology to the global capital markets, including brokers, buy-side, regulators and exchanges.

The partnership between Nasdaq's SMARTS Surveillance solutions and Digital Reasoning will allow firms to take a truly holistic approach to surveillance by analyzing both trade and communications data. Furthermore, the partnership signifies a paradigm shift in behavior detection, by allowing firms to gain more insight into the intent behind specific actions and identifying suspicious activities that may have otherwise gone undetected

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Nasdaq Trade Surveillance partnership with Smarsh Electronic Communications Archiving

Smarsh provides hosted solutions for archiving electronic communications, including email, instant messaging and social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These solutions help organizations manage and enforce flexible and cost-effective compliance and records retention strategies. The Nasdaq SMARTS relationship with Smarsh can assist firms who recognize the importance of storing and accessing email, chat records, social media posts, web posts and many other forms of electronic communications as part of a comprehensive surveillance program.

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