Algo and Routing Infrastructure

Continued proliferation of trading venues has caused increased fragmentation in liquidity – placing additional pressure on firms’ routing systems to ensure optimal execution. To this end, firms must ensure their existing technology capabilities are up to par, continually investing to keep an edge. With margins continually squeezed, firms are now looking to enhance core competencies aimed at generating revenue rather than on upkeep of these operations.

The market technology division at Nasdaq, which has traditionally served the global market infrastructure operator community as a technology partner, is now offering its robust Nasdaq Financial Framework technology into banks and brokers for complete outsourcing of trading infrastructure and operations, including regulatory reporting and algo routing.

Nasdaq’s Algo and Routing Infrastructure provides greater flexibility and control in a safe, robust environment, – allowing users firms to focus development efforts on their smart order routing and algo strategies, rather than on the technology infrastructure to keep them fast, operational and connected to all available trading venues. Nasdaq’s connectivity spans 90+ destinations around the world, including Exchanges, Dark Pools, Single Dealer Platforms, MTFs, etc.


  • Static and Dynamic customizations
  • Ping, Spray, Re-route, Directed
  • Strategies by subscriber
  • Service bureau basis


  • Rapid implementation
  • Cost reduction
  • 20+ Years of Expertise in Market Infrastructure Technology
  • Greater flexibility and transparency

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