Regulators’ interest in pre-trade risk controls have created a clear requirement for market participants to bolster their risk management capabilities. However, managing risk across the entire trading landscape can present several challenges:

  • Increased technological and administrative demands of regulation, global coverage, speed and volatility–
  • Profitability paradigm and continual margin squeeze
  • Credit allocation client extension

Nasdaq TradeGuard risk management solution provides broker-dealers, hedge funds, prime brokers and clearing firms with comprehensive risk management and execution infrastructure tools to help minimize risks in increasingly regulated, latency-sensitive, high-volume and global trading environments. TradeGuard is a proven solution that enables firms to monitor and manage their aggregate risk exposure across markets, asset classes, regions and accounts in real-time through flexible pre-, at- and post-trade controls.

Real-time Risk Engine

  • RiskXposure® ("RX")® – comprehensive risk engine, which provides a holistic view of pre-, at- and post-trade risk levels
  • Configurable dashboard displays real-time views of aggregated trading activity across markets, asset classes and trading systems
  • Ability to link risk monitoring to all other aspects of multi-asset trading

Drop Copy Network

  • Combines connections from Exchanges, brokers, and CCPs into a central data center in the Americas, EMEA, or APAC
  • Can be leveraged alone or in conjunction with the TradeGuard product suite
  • Aggregates all of trading data from multiple venues and normalizes it into one information feed

Gateway Management

  • Added risk controls with minimal latency impact when accessing multiple markets
  • TradeGuard Gateway – sub-10μ trade control gateway, enabling users to trade across multiple destinations while ensuring activity is monitored with a robust set of pre-trade risk controls
  • External Gateway Manager (EGM) – supplemental solution that enables any third party gateway to be controlled through the TradeGuard risk engine. This solution allows users to marry TradeGuard's risk monitoring capabilities with their own proprietary gateways and manage risk through pre-trade controls to ensure no trades violate pre-set limits


Nasdaq's Position Limits monitoring solution enables firms to control their exchange limits as well as position limits associated with CFTC and MiFID II regulations. Limits are monitored in real-time as trades are executed to enable firms to optimize their limit utilization while avoiding the risks of incurring regulatory violations. Nasdaq's Position Limits monitoring solution is a secure, fully hosted service that leverages Nasdaq TradeGuard’s existing real-time connectivity engine so firms can have centralized monitoring of every position across the firm in every market.

  • Sponsored Access: Designed to ensure end-clients adhere to sponsoring brokers limit
  • Exchange Guards: Designed to safeguard market health by ensuring market participants meet exchange-set limits


The solution’s flexible risk engine is designed to control credit consumption and margin availability, with the ability to clear trading positions to protect CCPs and GCMs. It provides clearing brokers with global visibility across all of the entities they clear, via an easy-to-use dashboard that monitors overall intraday market exposure across client accounts, asset classes, markets, systems and geographies in real-time.

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